Horizontal storage water heaters for wider spaces

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 22 Nov 2020
Horizontal storage water heaters for wider spaces
Horizontal storage water heaters for wider spaces

When it comes to picking a new water heater with storage capacity, the choice usually lies between a horizontal and a vertical design. There are many reasons and advantages to go for horizontal design. For instance, if the height is a concern in your bathroom, then putting a vertical heater in there might cause the space to become more constrained. Additionally, if you don't want a heater visible and have a false ceiling in place, horizontal water heaters are great for concealed installation. Keeping these reasons in mind, we've shortlisted some horizontal water heaters available on Amazon based on how their specifications and features stack up. 

AO Smith HAS-X1-015

The AO Smith horizontal water heater comes with several design elements that enhance its durability. The double-coated inner tank uses glass-lining to ensure good coverage and reduce the risk of corrosion. It uses a glass-coated heating element that aims to fight scale build up on the surface which also extends lifespan. The anode rod with a stainless steel core helps protect against corrosive elements. The model also comes with a temperature control knob which allows the user to adjust the temperature between 25 degrees to 75 degrees. Safety features like Thermal Cutout and Safety Valve ensure that your usage is risk-free.

American Micronic- 25 Litre Imported Horizontal Water Heater

To ensure protection against moisture and humidity, the American Micronic horizontal water heater comes with IPX4 protection. The capillary thermostat on the model allows the user to easily adjust the temperature between 30 and 70 degrees to get water exactly as hot as needed. The inner tank uses 2mm thick steel, which is complemented by 42mm PUF insulation. This helps keep the water hot for longer without risking damage to the water heater. The heater can also withstand a pressure of up to 8 bars, which makes it suitable for use in highrises. The 25 litres of capacity is enough for multiple showers.

Bajaj Majesty 15GMH (RF)

The Bajaj Majesty horizontal water heater comes with 2000W of heating power, which ensures quick and ample heating for your hot water needs. The model also comes with protective measures against dry heating, overheating and over-pressure, which keeps its performance safe from risks. The design features neon indicators for power and heating information, which lets you know when the hot water is ready to be used. The compact design of the model can also help with easy installation in confined spaces in your home. The fire retardant 3-pin plug also ensures additional safety from the power source.

Haier Precis ES 25H E1 

The Haier Precis water heater uses TTS Technology, which involves the use of two sensors to deliver higher safety. The bi-capillary type thermostat and thermal control also deliver accurate temperature cutoffs. This prevents overheating damage from affecting the heater. The model uses PUF/EPS insulation which keeps the water hot for longer and reduces reheating costs. The use of RSC technology also ensures easy diffusion of incoming cold water through the circular structure of the inner tube. With a high capacity of 25 litres, the model can also ensure sufficient availability of hot water for the entire household.

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