High-power 2-ton ACs for large rooms and households on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 23 Apr 2020
High-power 2-ton ACs for large rooms and households on Amazon India
High-power 2-ton ACs for large rooms and households on Amazon India

One of the most significant home appliances to make our lives comfortable is the air conditioner. Bringing us just the ambient temperature that we desire, air conditioners have become a modern-day essential for many households. However, to be effective, you need to select the right air conditioner with sufficient capacity to satisfy your cooling needs. For a large room or a room that consistently hosts a lot of people or one located on the top floor, you might need to opt for a 2-Ton air conditioner to achieve effective cooling. We’ve picked out some really promising 2-Ton Split ACs for you to choose from. Available on Amazon, these models pack a lot of useful features as well.

Godrej 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy AC 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA Split 5S White)

With a special anti-corrosive Golden-fin coating on the condenser, the Godrej 2 Ton AC promises high durability with rust and corrosion-free performance. The model is also said to support up to 30m long piping with the outdoor unit, which should make it a convenient installation for most requirements. The Healthy Auto Blow function claims to keep the interiors of the AC moisture-free to prevent germ and mould buildup. The AC comes with a Varied Speed Dual Rotary motor with a wider rotational frequency that aims to provide higher cooling performance with better energy efficiency.

Panasonic 2 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC (Copper CS/CU-SU24WKYW White)

Smart features and smartphone control have been quite popular for appliances in recent times, and the Panasonic 2 Ton AC lays claim to many of them. The MirAle platform can be used to connect the AC to your smartphone to access advanced features. These features include smart diagnostics and remote operation. Additionally, the MirAle platform also lists Customised Sleep Profile as a feature, which claims to allow the user to preset temperatures for the entire night. Along with that, the AC is compatible with Amazon Alexa to offer hands-free operation. If smart features are a priority, the Panasonic 2 Ton AC is a promising choice.

Sanyo 2 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (Copper SI/SO-20T3SCIC White)

The Sanyo 2 Ton AC aims to be highly energy efficient. Its specifications are also promising in the same direction. It comes with Dual Cool Inverter Technology that consists of two rotors in the inverter compressor. This has the potential to reduce your electricity bills without reducing cooling efficiency. In addition to that, the model also lists PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters which can improve the quality of air in your room. For hotter days, the Glacier mode on the Sanyo AC promises to cool faster than normal by increasing the fan speed by 35%. Efficiency and hygiene are two defining characteristics that the Sanyo 2 Ton AC’s features go by.

Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper CAS24EK3R39F0+CF243R3AC90 White)

One particularly notable feature that the Carrier 2 Ton AC lays claim to is the Follow Me mode. In this, the AC promises to provide better cooling around the area where the remote of the AC is located. In addition to that, the AC allows customisation which can let you modify the performance of the AC to suit what you exactly need. The Auto Cleanser feature can also be useful, as it disinfects the whole unit without any manual intervention required. The AC also comes with a Sleep Mode that aims to ensure better sleep at night by adjusting the ambient temperature of the room.

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