High capacity USB pen drives to keep bigger files portable

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 15 Jun 2020
High capacity USB pen drives to keep bigger files portable
High capacity USB pen drives to keep bigger files portable

In the past, the only way for people to store their valuables was to lock them in a safe. However, today data is the most valuable asset for most of us, yet keeping it locked in a single location forever is meaningless in most cases. While hard drives offer a safe repository for a large amount of data, when mobility is a concern, pen drives save the day. In addition to being small and portable, they are also devoid of moving parts making them more durable. To catch up to the storage advantage that hard drives provide, all you need to do is opt for high capacity pen drives. Here are some great options available on Amazon, selected based on their specifications.

Sony USM64GR 64GB Classic Pen Drive (Black)

The Sony USM64GR pen drive offers 64GB of space, which can be enough for many users. The body is designed with a retractable connector that allows you to pull the connector back into the housing when not in use. This can help protect the connector from accidental damage. There is also a large strap hole in the design which can be used to keep the drive attached to your bag, keyring or any other accessory. At 31.8g, the Sony 64GB pen drive weighs less than a typical 60W light bulb and will fit seamlessly right into any pockets. 

SanDisk 2-in-1 Ultra Dual 256GB Pendrive

Whether you’re looking for a large amount of space or a host of useful features from your pen drive, the Sandisk 2-in-1 Ultra Dual Pendrive has something to offer for both of those needs. At 256GB, this pen drive can be a capable backup location for all your important data. However, the 145g weight and small size promise to keep the model portable and lightweight. It also comes with an interchangeable connector functionality, that lets you choose between type-C and type-A connectors. This can help greatly in maximising compatibility, allowing you to use the same pen drive for your laptop and your phone. The USB 3.1 standard on the device promises high data transfer speeds up to 150MB/s.

HP V150w 64GB USB Pen Drive (Black)

The HP V150w Pen Drive features a capless design, which gives you one less thing to keep track of when you’re using it. Instead, the connector is accessed via a sliding mechanism. Additionally, the housing for the drive is all metal, making it durable and adding to its aesthetics at the same time. There’s also a key loop included in the design which makes it easy to attach it to your bag, keychains, etc., and keeps it accessible. The overall build of the HP 64GB pen drive is also very sleek and lightweight, which makes it easy enough to carry around.

Strontium Ammo 3.1 64 GB USB Flash Drive (Silver)

Featuring a lightweight metal casing, the Strontium Ammo aims to be more durable and aesthetically-pleasing as well. The USB 3.1 standard allows the drive to go up to 120MB/s, which can help make any file transfer quite fast. However, the drive is still compatible with older 3.0 ports and 2.0 ports, with which it aims for usability with older devices as well. The design comes with an easy-to-use hook on the body and it ships with a keychain to use with that too. Coupled with the metal look, the high-speed data transfer on the Strontium Ammo is a great reason to choose it.

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