Hardshell carry cases for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

By Sameer Mitha | Published on 01 May 2020
Hardshell carry cases for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India
Hardshell carry cases for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

When Nintendo launched the Switch, it was a revolutionary console giving gamers the advantage of the big screen and portable experience in one package. However, the console did have its flaws, especially when used in its portable mode. To address and cater to the audience that only wanted to use the console in portable mode, Nintendo launched the Switch Lite. Not only is the console cheaper than its older sibling, but it also comes in a compact form factor and offers a bunch of fun colour options. Even though the switch lite has a pocket-friendly form factor, it isn't advisable to put it in your pocket for obvious reasons. One can simply scratch the screen or it may be subject to environmental hazards. If you are looking to carry your switch and some of its accessories with you on the go, then there are some carrying cases worthy of your attention. Here are some options available on Amazon.in

Orzly Switch Lite Accessories Bundle

The first hardshell on this list isn't just hardshell, but an accessories bundle giving you a bunch of essentials for your Nintendo Switch Lite, including the hardshell case. You could consider this as a starter accessories pack for your Nintendo Switch console. The carrying case not only is a hardshell one but also has a handle for you to carry it with ease. It includes a screen protector (tempered glass) as well to keep your portable Switch Lite’s display protected while on the move. It also comes with a spare Switch Lite USB charging cable so you can keep those in the case as a spare when on the go. It also comes with a pair of earphones and a stylus to use with the touchscreen. It also comes with a comfort grip case that gives the console a comfortable grip for those long gaming sessions. The games storage case gives you a place to organise and house your games safely.

New World Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

This hardshell case comes with a housing for the Nintendo Switch Lite along with some space to carry accessories. It has a housing that lets you carry 8 game cards and a small housing for a USB cable and a pair of earphones. There are also 2 elastic bands to help hold the console in place. This is good if you will carry the console with you in your bag when on the go. This is ideal for those that want a simple carrying case solution. 

HORI Tough Pouch (Black) for Nintendo Switch

This hardshell case is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite making it a dual purpose housing, although remember, it can only carry one console at a time. It also has a flap that protects the console's display. It has a hard exterior to protect the console.  

moleve Nintendo Switch Lite Case

moleve Switch Lite case features splash-proof canvas hard shell to keep the console safe from the occasional splash of water. It also features a soft microfiber padded lining for protection when inside the case. The joy-con shaped canvas ensures a snug fit when kept in the case. The package also comes with a Crystal Clear TPU Shell giving the console protection while letting you enjoy its bright colours. It also comes with a tempered glass to protect the screen.

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