Hardest games on PS5 on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 16 Feb 2022 16:21 IST
Hardest games on PS5 on Amazon India
Hardest games on PS5 on Amazon India

Some games offer immense learning curves, and many gamers dig that. Sometimes, the challenge in a game is what makes it so exhilarating. For instance, beating a boss that you’ve been stuck on for hours. Often, the sense of satisfaction and achievement is quite high when you complete tough milestones in games. Some games are designed to challenge the player in every possible way - and that’s the charm of these games, grind till you get good. So, if you’re looking to challenge yourself, and put your gaming skills to the test, here are some of the hardest games on the PS5. 

PS5 Demon's Souls

The game that birthed the Souls-like genre on the PS3 has been remade for the PS5. It offers a gruelling challenge in the form of the learning curve, as well as the enemies you face. The gameplay loop itself is a rinse and repeat style, which has you battling against a variety of foes with the tools you have. In the game, dodging and rolling is more important than landing hits, and you need to take into account your player’s hitbox as well. It is a game only for those with experience, and the charm will be lost on those who cannot appreciate the difficulty levels. 


Returnal is a game that blends third-person shooter action with the mayhem of bullet hell games. It offers unique enemies, with well fleshed out boss battles that feel equally fair and equally challenging. This is a Roguelike game, meaning you will die a lot– and start from the very beginning. The game rewards multiple playthroughs, encouraging you to hone your skills against the hostile habitants of Planet Atropos. The game has a rather interesting story as well, which should catch your attention, but that means also learning to love the game and its many challenging facets. It also offers unique environments and weapons at your disposal. 

PS5 Hades

An action RPG roguelike, Hades has been around for a while, and it is high time you add it to your library. By nature, it is a game where you die – a lot. This is not just a challenge for the player but also a way of storytelling. It encourages the player to get back on their feet and continue the journey forward. As you progress, you get a feel of the game that teaches you strategies to take down specific enemies, making you better at the game, but readers should note that this requires perseverance and dedication. The game has received multiple ‘game of the year’ awards for innovation in gameplay and the gripping story. 

Doom Eternal (Free PS5 Upgrade)

If you have the PS4 disc for the game, you are eligible for the Free PS5 upgrade, letting you take advantage of high frame rates and better visuals. The game enables you to set a difficulty setting at the start. It is the higher difficulty levels that test your skills. With hordes of enemies, the Doomslayer must deal with an onslaught of Earth destructive forces. Thanks to the upgraded suit, the Slayer is equipped with ample tools, and it is up to the player to make the most of them all. You can melee enemies, shoot them from afar, grapple onto them and try out a variety of weapons, arenas and skills that keep gameplay fresh and challenge you with new foes at every turn. 

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