Hand mixers for a superior mixing experience on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 19 Sep 2020
Hand mixers for a superior mixing experience on Amazon India
Hand mixers for a superior mixing experience on Amazon India

Hand mixers offer unique advantages that only this particular form factor can provide. For instance, with a hand mixer in your arsenal, you can use it for achieving adequate results with the attention to detail it allows. Additionally, as opposed to a stand mixer, it occupies much less space and is highly portable. Also, you get fine speed toggles and different attachments that can get you all kinds of results. If that sounds like something that you would want in your kitchen arsenal, here are some models available on Amazon chosen based on their specifications and features.

BLACK+DECKER 250 W Hand Mixer

While higher speeds on a hand mixer are always helpful, a good slower speed is also required to achieve certain results. The Black+Decker 250W hand mixer provides on that front by including a 20 percent slower first speed. You also get six-speed settings for varying consistencies as well a turbo mode for quick mixing. Additionally, if you need to pause in-between mixing, the design includes convenient heel and bowl rests that can be used to keep the mixer propped up. Once you’re done using it, there’s a handy hard case to keep the mixer and its accessories for easy storage. 

Torie Hand Mixer Blender Easy Mix-200W

To help you achieve perfect results with all types of ingredients, the Torie Hand Mixer Blender Easy Mix-200W comes with seven-adjustable speed levels. Its use of rust-free stainless steel for the accessories makes them food-safe and hygienic to use. This also extends to the ease of washing, with the accessories being easily detachable through an ejection button. You get a pair of stainless steel strip beaters and a pair of dough hooks to cover all your mixing needs. The design features the speed dial at the top, which makes it easier to use it with your thumb, while the ergonomic handle design offers good grip while mixing.

Aditya overseas Plastic Hand Mixer

The double-beater design on the Aditya Overseas Plastic Hand Mixer has also been built with durability in mind. In addition to mixing, the beaters on the Aditya overseas hand mixer promise to deliver great results for whipping, folding and blending. This is powered by the five-speed levels you can choose from with the help of the dial on the top. While the handle is designed to provide maximum comfort while using the mixer, the overall body features a contoured design which also promises to be easy to clean. There’s also a push-button functionality to eject an attached beater for quick switching or cleaning.

SakariyaSales Egg Beater High-Speed Hand Mixer 300 Watt

If it’s more power you’re looking for, the SakariyaSales Hand Mixer won’t disappoint with its 300 Watts of performance. The body is built with a combination of high-quality materials like ABS, stainless steel and copper. The beating accessories are made of stainless steel to avoid rust and be easy to clean. The powerful motor on the hand mixer can be adjusted to perform at seven different speed levels and can also be pushed a little extra with the turbo mode onboard. The easy-to-hold grip on the handle makes it more comfortable to use the hand mixer for longer.

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