Hair straighteners with ceramic plate suitable for coarse hair on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 16 Jul 2021 14:13 IST
Hair straighteners with ceramic plate suitable for coarse hair on Amazon India
Hair straighteners with ceramic plate suitable for coarse hair on Amazon India

Looking for a way to deal with unruly and unmanageable hair? Want to get your hair treated but can’t go to the salon? Well, there’s a solution for you! If a good hair day is what you strive for, then it is high time you invested in a hair straightening service with ceramic plates. Hair straighteners pamper your hair and let you mix and match various styles and outfits so that you’re always the centre of attention no matter what the occasion. Since everyone has different hair types, you should invest in a hair straightener built for hair like yours - to get the best results. Coarse hair getting in the way of treating your hair? These straighteners with ceramic plates will keep your hair safe and style it just the way you want. 

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler, Straightener, Curler & Crimper (VHSCC-01)

Here’s a 3-in-1 hair styler. It works well as a traditional hair straightener, making your hair look long and silky, and also packs two other treatments -  a crimper and a curler. The crimper can be used in multiple ways - either don the Y2K fashion in style and crimp up your hair or just use it to increase perceived volume on the inner layers of your hair. The curler is a must-have for those occasions when you need to look your best self. Use it to create wavy streams of hair that stand out from the crowd without visiting the salon. Apart from the 3-in-1 operation, the hair straightener is safe to use and comes with ceramic plates ensuring your hair isn’t damaged from the heat. 

Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Fast Heat up Hair Straightener

Here is a hair straightener that will help you out when you’re short on time. It features fast heat plates that are ready to use on your hair within minutes of plugging in. At the same time, the ceramic plates ensure that your hair is safe and that you get the results you want as quickly as possible. The ceramic coating also protects your hair against hair damage, hair breakage and frizzy hair. Apart from straightening your hair, you can also curl it for special occasions. Incidentally, it has a long heat plate, which lets you straighten or curl more hair at once, helping save time. There’s also a 360-degree swivel cord to avoid tangling. This hair straightener will become your personal hairstylist in no time. 

PHILIPS HP8302 Selfie Straightener

Say goodbye to your hairstylist and take up the responsibility on your own! The selfie straightener from Philips is safe and easy to use and will make a neat addition to your dressing room appliances. It has ceramic plates that protect your hair from damage and treat your hair if it happens to be coarse. It uses a maximum of 210 degrees temperature, which is just what the professionals use too, so you can rest assured that your hair is getting the best. It leaves your hair silky, smooth and shiny as it uses optimised temperature, minimal friction and less heat exposure. It has an instant heat up mode for times when you’re in a hurry and a long cable that won’t get in the way of your hair treatment. 

Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener 

Here’s a hair straightener for those who want more control over the end result. It is one of the few such appliances which comes with a temperature knob. While most hair straightening products have fixed temperatures, this one lets you control it so that you can pick one that best suits your hair without damaging it. Both heat plates are coated with ceramic plating, making the straightener glide smoothly over your hair. Even if you happen to have frizzy or dry hair, this straightener will fix that right away and leave you with silky smooth straight hair. There’s a swivel cord for extra ease of use, which eliminates tangles and knots in the power cable, extending the life.