Hair dryers that make hair care quick and efficient on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 19 Nov 2020
Hair dryers that make hair care quick and efficient on Amazon India
Hair dryers that make hair care quick and efficient on Amazon India

You could be someone who has always wanted to include a hairdryer in your grooming routine but isn't really taken the plunge. For someone like this, it is important to understand that a hair dryer is not just helpful in reducing your grooming time, it can help greatly with sculpting the perfect look for you. It can lay the important groundwork for further steps of hairstyling, and even help turn curls into straights. To help you pick out a hairdryer to start with, we've shortlisted some good options available on Amazon that bring some great features with them.

Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer (Teal)

Packing a 1000W of power, the Syska HD1600 hair dryer starts off strong with its specifications. The extra power can help you achieve smoother results in less time. The performance of the dryer can also be toggled between the available modes, which can offer different results depending on the desired look. In case you're worried about hair damage from the heat mode, the Syska HD1600's Over Heat Protection technology promises to keep you and your hair safe from such an eventuality. In addition to that, the design is optimized to spread the hot air evenly and prevent its concentration in one area.  

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode (Blue)

The combination of dual speed and heat selection can help achieve specific results with the Panasonic hair dryer. Its light, compact design is aimed at easier manoeuvrability and travel-friendliness. It can fit into most backpacks and travel bags without occupying much space. For situations where you need some extra power, the Turbo Dry mode promises just that with uniform airflow. To increase the operational range, the dryer comes with a 1.8m long cord that is also tangle resistant. A hanging notch at the base of the dryer also makes it easy to put away on the nearest hook once you're done using it. 

Havells HD3151 1600W Foldable Hair Dryer

The 1600W of power-packed by the Havells hairdryer ensures that your hair gets the best care efficiently. It aims for an optimal level of airflow to balance drying and styling for your hair, helping you achieve bouncy results. The Cool Air Shot feature releases a blast of low-temperature air to be used at the end of a styling session. This allows your look to last longer. It has a separate button, which makes it convenient to use without stopping your styling session entirely. The storage hook makes it convenient to store after usage. Heat balance technology on the model aims to maintain your hair at optimum health.

Philips HP8100 / 46 Hair Dryer (Purple)

With two modes of operation, the Philips Hair Dryer gives you the option to toggle between varying heat and speed output to dry and style your hair the way you want. Featuring a compact and ergonomic design, it aims to be easy to use as well as store in your daily grooming routine. A ThermoProtect feature prevents overheating even in the highest power setting while giving additional protection. In case you don't want to put it away and want it readily accessible, the storage hook is perfect for that. Just put it over the nearest hook and always keep it close for a quick-drying session. The 1.5m long cord can be helpful to operate the dryer with higher flexibility, however, slightly longer cords are available from competitors.

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