GPS tracking devices for bikes with pinpoint accuracy on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 24 May 2021
GPS tracking devices for bikes with pinpoint accuracy on Amazon India
GPS tracking devices for bikes with pinpoint accuracy on Amazon India

We spare no expense when it comes to buying a bike. However, we tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to enhancing its safety measures. How many times have you been worried about whether your bike is safe at that parking lot or not? Or how many times has it happened that a member of your family needs your bike, but you’re worried about their safety? The answer to all these problems can be found in GPS tracking devices. Today, GPS trackers don’t only provide real-time movement of your vehicle, but they also give additional safety measures in the form of anti-theft alarm and over-speed alerts. If you are searching for a GPS tracker for your bike, make sure they offer the features mentioned above. Here is a list of a few good GPS trackers for bikes available on Amazon. 

ZAICUS ST-901 GPS Tracker 

The ZAICUS ST-901 GPS Tracker is a waterproof GSM GPS device that offers a real-time tracker for your bike. You can check your bike’s real-time movement on your smartphone or laptop and access where it has been in the past two months. The GPS tracker comes equipped with a custom over-speed alert feature that intimates you whenever you exceed the speed limit set by you. The ZAICUS ST-901 GPS Tracker also furnishes your vehicle’s exact location and time, giving you the complete travel record of your bike. 

Onelap GO - Wireless GPS Tracker 

The Onelap GO - Wireless GPS Tracker is a feature-rich tracking device that gives both GPS and security services. It presents a real-time location with a five-second refresh rate, ensuring you don’t experience any lag while tracking your bike. The tracker comes fitted with an anti-theft alarm that alerts you whenever someone tries to start or tow your vehicle. Its safety measures also boast a safe zone and geo-fence feature that marks a place as a safety zone and alerts you whenever your bike leaves it with a timestamp. Moreover, it has a remote engine feature (useful in case of theft) through which you can shut off your bike’s engine from your smartphone. It also gives you a real-time movement of your vehicle using its highly sensitive GPS chip and cloud servers. It offers daily statistics, such as total distance, runtime, idle time, and stoppage time, along with monthly graphical reports.   

LAMROD Supreme GT02A GPS Tracker 

The LAMROD Supreme GT02A GPS Tracker allows you to set a custom speed limit in their app and gives an alert whenever it gets exceeded (the speed graph reports are made available in an excel sheet). The tracker features a robust anti-theft protection system. Its security includes setting up a fence and alerting you whenever the vehicle crosses it, along with an instant alert when someone tries to steal it. Moreover, it works on an MTK high sensitivity chip through which you can locate your vehicle in a parking lot. Some of its other noteworthy features are quick installation and history playback. 

Onelap India Micro Plus

The Onelap India Micro Plus gives you live GPS tracking through which you can look at the real-time movement of your vehicle. Equipped with an anti-theft alarm and remote engine lock, the tracker gives your car complete security from theft. Whereas the anti-theft alarm alerts you when someone starts your car, the remote engine lock can be used to switch off the engine, avoiding theft. It also enables geofencing that allows you to set a specific area as a safe zone, and whenever your vehicle goes beyond it, it alerts you. The tracker gives daily statistics and monthly reports, ensuring complete transparency.  

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