GPS tracking device for cars on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 18 May 2021
GPS tracking device for cars on Amazon India
GPS tracking device for cars on Amazon India

There could be many reasons why you need to add a GPS tracker to your car. You could be looking for a way to analyse your driving habits. Or you could even be looking to prevent misuse by drivers. In either case, having a GPS tracker in your car can unlock a world of tracking features. For instance, is the car going beyond pre-defined safe zones? Is it crossing a safe speed limit? You can answer all this and more with the right vehicular GPS. Here are some options available on Amazon that pack the right combination of specifications and features.

Drivool 890-IN

The Drivool 890-IN GPS device uses a chip that can work with three different satellite constellations, ensuring high reliability even in areas with weak coverage. It supports sleep mode, which saves the battery from getting drained when the vehicle is in the garage. Additionally, it can detect ignition as long as the wiring is done appropriately. The design is waterproof and robust, so you can rest assured about its durability against the elements. Connected with the Drivool UMove application, the model supports features like Geofencing, Dashboard Reporting, Overspeed alarm and much more. You can also share a tracking link from within the app using the Quick-Share feature.


With the ability to store two months worth of data, the Zaicus ST-901 offers a great way to analyse your driving habits and patterns. Beyond this historical data, the device also supports real-time tracking for around-the-clock updates. You can set a speed limit for the tracker, which makes it send you a text alert whenever that limit is breached. Convenient tracking through smartphone and desktop solves your tracking needs effectively. The compact design of the model makes it easy to install in most vehicles. It is built to be waterproof, allowing you to take your vehicle off the road or drive in the rain without worrying.

J&P Technologies - Waterproof GPS Tracker

To ensure maximum security and alertness, the J&P Technologies GPS tracker features a wire-cut and battery removal warning. This sends you an alert whenever someone removes the car battery or cuts the device wire externally. You can also set safe zones for the vehicle to get notified whenever the vehicle enters and exits these zones. Its IP65 certification assures you of its durability against the elements. With a lightweight and compact 52g design, you can locate it in any hidden space on the vehicle. The model supports data storage for the past 180 days to allow easy analysis of driving patterns.

Acumen Tracker GPS UC 400

With the ignition On-Off alerts, the Acumen UC 400 GPS tracker allows you to monitor your car’s usage at the next level. Its Overspeed alerts make it easy for you to know when the vehicle has crossed a prescribed speed limit. The remote engine cut-off feature also enhances security by giving you more control over the functionality of the car. After parking your car, the UC 400 offers convenient features like Parking Mode Anti-Theft as well as Vehicle Locator. The ability to create unlimited safe zones for easy monitoring makes it a highly useful accessory for your car.

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