GPS tags so you don't lose your most cherished things

By Dwaipayan Roy | Published on 16 Mar 2020
GPS tags so you don't lose your most cherished things
GPS tags so you don't lose your most cherished things

Are you the type of person who misplaces stuff all the time? No need to worry as this is something all of us do!  Life is in itself a fast-paced journey, and no one can say that it is always easy to keep track of where every single object is, be it your keys, your wallet, or your phone! Thankfully, modern technology has a solution to your woes. You can use GPS trackers/ tags keep track from your most cherished items. These GPS tags are designed to be handy and small enough to be attached to things and then bounce back the geographical location information back to the computer, tablet or smartphone owned by you. Some of these devices even beep or make some sound to let you know where your things are.  Have a look at these GPS tags and make sure you never lose anything again!

Vaya LYNK Green Pack of 1 Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Vaya LYNK is a tracker which comes with a sister app that can be used to find misplaced items faster. Simply install the app on your phone, link your wallet, keys or any other items with the tracker, based on what you want to track. Later, open the app on your smartphone and ring it. The tracker will start beeping so that you can find your tagged goods. The LYNK app can be used to find any misplaced item within a radius of 30 metres, according to the brand, so if you tend to lose things within your home or workplace a lot, then you’ll love this. The brand also says that this has a battery life of 9 to 10 months, which should make it quite convenient. The tracker also stores the last known location of your goods for future reference.

Smart Location GPS Lost Pet ID. QR Code Pet Tracker

BefriendMyPet SafeTag is a unique QR code-based Pet ID system that stores your pet’s profile and helps you track her/him in case he/she gets lost. Losing a pet can be devastating, and this can prevent that from happening. You can also share your pet’s profile with your friends and family so that you can prevent any problems. Just download the app and upload all details pertaining to it such as vaccination details and food description and you are ready to go. The tracker is adjustable in length and can be attached to any pet collar.

Panasonic Seekit Edge Smart Tracker

Have you always wanted to own Neville’s Remembrall? Panasonic’s Seekit Edge Smart Tracker helps you keep a track of all your valuables round the clock. The device comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for stable connection and is slated to have the best in class battery usage. Seekit’s voice alerts will always keep you alert about the things that matter to you, ensuring you never forget to check where your things are. There is also an indicator button to notify you in case you leave your things behind. The company notes that its Crowd GPS technology will help you tack valuables even when you are far away.

Wefuse Wireless Anti-Lost Alarm Smart Tag Bluetooth 4.0 Tracker

This anti-lost alarm from Wefuse uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low technology, which should ensure a long-lasting battery. No more worrying about theft or leaving your items behind as this device can track all your tagged belongings within a range of 10m, according to the company. If the device gets out of this range, the tracker starts ringing. More than eight devices can be connected to this tracker at the same time and can be carried from one place to another easily, thanks to its lightweight design and ultra-small dimensions.

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