Gadgets to keep your home safe from theft on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 13 May 2020
Gadgets to keep your home safe from theft on Amazon India
Gadgets to keep your home safe from theft on Amazon India

Advanced security gadgets not only help you keep your house safe from theft, but also add to your convenience. Be it a smart security camera or a doorbell with multiple features, you should always look for practical features that actually help you improve the security of your house. If you have been looking for such gadgets, here are four top security devices that are available on Amazon. Note that these items have been selected solely based on their listed features.

amiciSmart Video Doorbell

Get to know about any movement outside your door in real-time thanks to this smart video doorbell from amiciSmart. This gadget uses the Passive Infrared (PIR) feature to notify you of any movement immediately. This doorbell also operates as a security camera that gives you video footage in HD (720p) resolution. Furthermore, the smart device switches on six IR LEDs when the light outside begins to dim so that you get good-quality video feed during the night as well. It also has a 2-way talkback feature, allowing you to have a conversation with the person outside without having to actually step outside. With social distancing being the new normal, this can help you handle deliveries at home without being in proximity to the delivery personnel. You can do all this wirelessly through an app on your smartphone, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity option. It also has an anti-theft alarm system that will automatically go on if someone tries to dislodge or damage the doorbell.

Mi Smart Security Camera

If you are looking for a security camera that can be placed inside your home to monitor a wide area, then this smart security camera from Mi is a great choice. It is equipped with a 130-degree wide-angle lens to cover a large area at a time. It records the footage in 1080p quality so that you can identify details with ease. It has one of the best infrared night vision systems, according to the brand, as it can detect movement as far as 32-feet (10m) at night. It also has a two-way talkback system so that you can communicate with people before letting them in. It also has an advanced motion detector to reduce the number of false alarms you may have to deal with when using an inferior product. A really useful feature of this device is that it can work with Alexa to give you a more efficient performance. However, for this, you will need an additional gadget like the Echo Show. With it, you can integrate the security camera and look at the feed by just saying, “Alexa, show the front door camera”.

Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen)

It is a smart lock system for your door that uses Bluetooth connectivity to give you access to your home by just touching the lock. It works well with both iOS and Android devices. The smart lock system can work with your traditional keys or through a Fob that you would have to buy separately. Once you enter the key, you just need to calibrate your touch via the brand’s app and you are good to go. This not only is convenient but also is a safe system as only those who have access can enter the home. Furthermore, you can send e-keys to others as well, if you need a friend or family member to babysit your pet when you are away. You can also connect the app to a compatible smartwatch to get notifications and track the lock history.

Godrej Security Solutions Solus ST 7 Lite

Here is a video door phone kit that will help you monitor the people outside your door and communicate with them, if need be, without even getting up. The Solus ST 7 Lite is an advanced gadget that has two units – an outdoor unit comprising a doorbell, security camera and a microphone with a 2-way talkback system, and an indoor unit comprising a 7-inch display through which you can view everything. The outdoor unit has a pinhole camera with an infrared vision which should ensure it delivers video feed 24x7 (given it’s connected to a power source). Moreover, this system has a strong build and is both vandal resistant and waterproof. Through the display system, you can view the feed and talk to the person outside simultaneously, change the chimes of your doorbell, control the volume of the doorbell and do much more. Protection Status