Gadgets to carry on your next trek on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 12 Mar 2020
Gadgets to carry on your next trek on Amazon India
Gadgets to carry on your next trek on Amazon India

Trekking usually requires you to go off the grid for multiple days as you traverse across the lands. Thankfully, things are a little easier now thanks to better equipment, meaning almost anyone can now partake in a trek. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of top gadgets on Amazon that are a must for long treks especially if you are going to be out there for multiple days. Do note that these devices were selected based on the specifications and features on offer.

Garmin Titanium Fenix 6X Pro Solar Titanium

If you are looking for a high-end smartwatch for outdoor activities that guides you through different terrains during all kinds of weather, then the Garmin Titanium Fenix 6X Pro Solar should surely be considered. The watch offers solar power charging capabilities, which should give your watch extra battery life for your off-the-grid trekking trails. The watch also comes with a Dynamic PacePro, which guides you through your runs, treks or skis across various terrains by telling you the exact amount of energy you should put in. It comes with preloaded maps of 2000 different ski sites across the world as well. Furthermore, you can now stream through your favourite music apps and listen to music without your phone.

Cool bell Dt bg Solar Charger

If you are a travel vlogger then keeping your social media posts up to date is a really important thing for you. When you go off-the-grid, getting power for your smartphone, tablets and laptops is not really possible. This is where a multi-functional backpack with an inbuilt solar charger comes into play. The Cool Bell DT Bg bag is one such travel companion that you should definitely have. It comes with a compartment for your main laptop that can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and also has a separate compartment for your tablet or mini-laptop. Furthermore, it has multiple compartments inside and a few hidden compartments on the back panel as well. At the front, it has a big solar panel that converts solar energy to electrical energy and the charging port on the back helps you recharge your devices so that you have access to power throughout your trip.

Garmin eTrex Touch 35 Carbon-Fiber GPS Handheld

If you are someone who loves to trek through less-travelled places and find hidden gems, then the one thing you should definitely get is a handheld GPS device that has an incredible number of maps. The Garmin eTrex touch 35 handheld device comes with a 2.6-inch capacitive touchscreen with more than 250,000 preloaded geocaches. Furthermore, it has a 4GB memory card to hold new maps if you want. The carbon-fibre finish should make the device long-lasting. You just need 2 AA batteries to power this up. Keep in mind that the company claims the gadget has a battery life of 16hrs.

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i with 18W Fast Charging

When it comes to long treks, one of the major things your backpack should definitely have is a power bank with a high mAh value. Mi brings you a power bank with that is loaded with a 20000mAh Li-polymer battery and has fast-charging capabilities as well. The power bank comes with nine layers of protection, which according to the company claims, helps in protecting your device from short-circuits, over-current, over-charging and over-voltage. Protection Status