Gadgets that every video creator should have on Amazon India

By Swapnil Mathur | Published on 08 May 2020
Gadgets that every video creator should have on Amazon India
Gadgets that every video creator should have on Amazon India

Being a video creator requires talent, but it also requires some essential equipment. As important as a good camera and the right lenses may be for creating eye-catching videos, there are a number of other gadgets that are just as important in making sure that your content comes out looking top-notch. Here are four essential gadgets on Amazon that every video creator should have.

Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone

The Rode VideoMic is a directional condenser microphone that adds near-professional audio recording right on your camera. This microphone is especially handy if you’re looking to record people as they speak. The microphone itself is spring-mounted, which acts as a dampener, preventing any vibrations from causing any undue disturbances in the audio. The microphone also features a 2-step high pass filter and it runs off of a single 9V battery.

X-Rite MSCCC ColorChecker Classic

The X-Rite MSCCC ColorChecker Classic is a simple card with 24 colour patches printed onto it. These are not just any simple colour patches, but instead, the printing is calibrated to reflect the true colour values. Having the Colour Checker in a few frames of the video helps you keep a track of colour accuracy.

ExpoDisc 77mm Professional White Balance Filter

While shooting a long video, the lighting is going to constantly be changing, which makes nailing the white balance difficult. This becomes even more problematic if you’re working in mixed lighting conditions. The ExpoDisc helps circumvent this challenge. You just need to place the filter in front of the lens, take a photo and set that image as the white balance. The ExpoDisc also comes with a set of warming filters, a lanyard and even a carrying case.  

Digitek Platinum Heavy Duty Video Tripod

The Digitek Platinum Heavy Duty professional video tripod is a great choice for any video creator. The tripod extends to a height of 9-feet and comes with a fluid head for smooth pans and tilts. It also comes with a bubble level indicator to ensure that your camera is always on even level. The tripod can take a maximum load of up to 10kg, which is plenty enough for most creator needs.

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