Gadgets made for adventurers on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand | Published on 13 May 2020
Gadgets made for adventurers on Amazon India
Gadgets made for adventurers on Amazon India

Can’t bear to have a monotonous life? Let yourself seize every day with gusto by making sure you’re armed with all the right tech. From wearables that help you forge your own path while trekking to utility belts that let you carry your world with you, here are some of the top gadgets for adventures. Do keep in mind that these items were compiled based on the features they offer, and their availability on Amazon.

GoPro MAX Camera

When you’re off having an adventure, you’ll want to make sure that you can access your lovely memories anytime. One of the best ways to do so is by using a handy camera that’s easy to carry around or clip on your belt. The GoPro Max camera helps you do just that in a 360-degree view. It has a stabilisation feature that can help you shoot good point-of-view videos when you’re riding a mountain bike or taking part in an adventure sport like bungee jumping. The camera is equipped with four different lenses – narrow, wide, distortion-free linear, and max Superview – to help you capture the perfect shot. One of the advantages of using this camera is that you also have access to the GoPro app, which lets you convert 360-degree videos into images. You can also edit and share your videos and pictures using the app.

KING and QUEEN Outdoor tools

If you're a camper at heart, you know that the key to a memorable camping trip is being prepared. Having an arsenal of tools that can get you out of most jams is a great idea. This toolkit contains almost everything you’ll ever need while camping, such as – a tactical torch, multi-functional scraper, emergency thermal blanket, tactical pen, military knife, compass, mini key-chain light, sabre card, whistle, wire saw, shockproof case, band-aids, gauze, bottle clip, needles, screwdriver, and bandages. What’s more, the flashlight has three different modes – low, high, and strobe light, to accommodate your needs. According to the brand, the wire saw can be used to cut through not just wood (provided it’s 3-inches thick), but also bone, plastic, rubber and even soft metal. This collection of tools should be able to get you out of most tight-spots while exploring the wilderness.

Garmin GPSMAP 78S

The Garmin GPSMAP 78S is a great gadget for hikers and campers who want to get off the beaten path and explore the wilderness. This device includes a worldwide shaded base map and has a 1.7MB built-in memory to let you store any other maps that you might need while travelling. It also as a 3-axis compass along with a barometric altimeter to help you accurately gauge where you are and what to expect in terms of weather. Another handy feature is that the device floats, according to the brand, so in case you happen to drop in water, you should be able to retrieve it provided there aren’t any strong currents to compete with! The device has a 2-6-inch TFT LCD display that should be good enough for viewing the maps.

Gerber 31-001028 Bear Grylls Hands-Free Torch

No matter what adventure activity you’re planning to indulge in, it is vital to ensure both your hands are free so that you can protect yourself from any mishaps. The Gerber 31-001028 Bear Grylls Hands-Free Torch is a great device to use while camping, hiking, or just exploring areas in the dark. It has an elastic headband that allows the device to sit securely on your head while you walk around. It also has two light settings, bright and low, so that you can use it as per your needs. Another good feature of this device is the fact that it has additional storage that lets you keep extra batteries, allowing you to explore places without worrying about the same. Protection Status