Extension tube for DSLR camera on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 15 May 2020
Extension tube for DSLR camera on Amazon India
Extension tube for DSLR camera on Amazon India

Macro Photography is something that every photography enthusiast looks to explore. However, many people end up not doing so because of the lack of a macro lens. However, this problem can be solved with an extension tube as it adds length to your existing lens so that you can get closer to the subject and click those stunning macro shots. Here are a few extension tubes that you can get on Amazon.

Andoer Extension Tube Ring

This extension tube from Andoer can be used to get macro shots with your Canon DSLRs. It is compatible with cameras like Canon 60D, 7D, 5D II and 550D and other DSLRs with an EF mount. The whole tube consists of three rings of different lengths – 13mm, 21mm and 31mm. The lock pins should ensure that the tube stays in its place so that it does not result in a clunky camera setup. This makes it ideal for macro photography, where you do not want any kind of disturbances particularly when you are so close to the subject. Furthermore, the tube weighs less than 200g, which should ensure that your whole camera setup does not become too heavy to handle.

Zorbes WEIHE Auto Focus Macro Plastic Extension Tube

If you are looking for a lightweight extension tube to explore macro photography, then this product from Zorbes should be an ideal fit as it weighs as less as 141g. The low weight should allow you to use it with heavy camera bodies. This extension tube comes with three different tube rings – 113mm, 21mm and 31mm. The electric connectors are gold plated, which should add to the overall durability. The connectors help both in auto-focusing and metering, which aid in clicking macro shots. However, to have slightly better controls, you can choose to use manual focusing. The extension tube is compatible with all EF-S lenses from Canon, making it a great option for you to buy.

Fotodiox Nikon Macro Extension Tube Kit

If you are looking for an extension tube to use with your Nikon kit, then the Fotodiz extension tube kit will help you for sure. It comes with a Nikon Mount Lens mountain ring on which you can attach extension tube rings that measure 7mm, 14mm and 28mm. By mixing and matching these rings, you can make different combinations to click different types of macro shots. The brand promises that it won’t affect your lens’ quality. This should allow you to turn your existing lenses with smaller focal lengths into a macro lens with ease.

AKDSteel DG-NEX AF Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube

If you own a Sony camera from the A7 or NEX series and want an extension tube that will allow you to use your existing lenses for macro photography, then this product will be an ideal fit. You can achieve the macro effect without actually buying a macro lens. The extension tube uses two extension rings of 10mm and 16mm, which can be used individually or together for superior macro shots. The electronic copper contacts (pins) should also fast auto-focusing and control over the aperture with no loss of optical quality. With this in hand, you should be able to capture professional-grade macro shots with your existing lens.

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