Entry-level portable tripods for your photography needs on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published on 23 Sep 2020
Entry-level portable tripods for your photography needs on Amazon India
Entry-level portable tripods for your photography needs on Amazon India

In a lot of situations, such as long exposures, focus bracketing, time-lapse or timed shots, a tripod is an essential accessory for a photographer. A lightweight and sturdy tripod is needed, and the choice depends on the camera and lenses being used. It should support the weight of the equipment, and at least allow waist-high shots. You must remember that the current market features tripods of different qualities. Thus, when you decide to buy one, you must consider basic features like weight and sturdiness, apart from the device you intend to use for taking pictures. Here are some of the best options available in the market at the entry-level. 

Digitek Tripod

This product is capable of reducing vibration during the shoot. It has a load capacity of 5kg height 95mm. The front tilt is +65/-65, lateral tilt +90/-25. The product features an independent pan lock. It is attached by ¼ screw attachments and “3/8” thread female. The bubblehead depends on the ground level, and if you try to fix it on an uneven surface, the bubblehead will not work. Being a lightweight product, it is not compatible with a slider. Also, this Tripod is for small lens cameras only and not meant for professional photography. The mobile holder is not included.     

AmazonBasics 60 Inch Lightweight Tripod

This product is a lightweight tripod with adjustable legs that have rubber feet.  It should be compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, GoPro devices, smartphones adapters, and scopes. The maximum weight load is 3kg for optimal performance. It includes a carrying case. The product measures an impressive 25-inch, which is extensible up to 60-inch.  There are two built-in bubble view levels and a three-way head that allow tilt and swivel motion for portrait and landscape options. 

Syvo Aluminium Tripod

A premium finish lightweight professional tripod with adjustable height and multi-level locking and steady rubberized legs. It should be compatible with most video cameras,  still cameras, digital cameras, and GoPro devices and smartphones. It has a multipurpose head with quick release helping to ensure fast transitions between shots. The product features a built-in bubblehead for adjusting the horizontal position and a three-way head with the adjustable pan for making it to toilet swivel motion with landscape and portrait options. It is a professional tripod featuring a multipurpose chair for DV cameras. It has a convenient accessory hook to latch all your shoot belongings. The recommended max load is 5kg for optimal performance.      

Kodak T210 

The product can support a weight of 3.5kg. It is extremely lightweight and compact, which makes it convenient to transport. It is also a pocket-friendly option featuring a carry case for travel.  The product has a strong design with three-section support. Since it is light in weight you can carry it easily.

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