Electric toothbrushes to boost your dental care on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 12 Jan 2021
Electric toothbrushes to boost your dental care on Amazon India
Electric toothbrushes to boost your dental care on Amazon India

Dental care is a crucial part of our daily routines and our overall health. Even as children, we’ve always been taught to maintain good dental habits. Now, as adults, we’re in a position to take those habits to the next level. Electric toothbrushes take you a long way in that direction. They promise superior plaque removal, along with making the brushing activity easier and often quicker. Some even come with advanced features like pressure sensors to alert you if you’re using too much pressure, while others come with various brushing modes and more. We’ve picked out some efficient models available on Amazon that can cover your dental care needs.

Oral B CrossAction Battery Powered Toothbrush

The Oral B CrossAction toothbrush promises a superior cleaning experience with its two cleaning actions. It comes with a Rotating Powerhead that works with a rotational oscillation action and helps loosen plaque and removes it away from the teeth more effectively. Additionally, the CrissCross bristles are angled in different directions, which helps them reach between teeth and lift up the plaque from difficult-to-reach places. The bristles are also designed to make your dental care easier. They feature soft rounded ends for better care, while also being easy to replace. Whenever the bristles on your brush wear down and you need to change your brush, all you’ll need to do is get a new brush head. 


To deliver the best hygiene for your teeth, the Agaro Cosmic Plus Sonic electric toothbrush uses sonic vibration technology. This helps it execute 40,000 strokes per minute for an effective dental cleaning. The brush comes with five cleaning modes viz. White, Polish, Clean, Massage and Sensitive, which cover a broad array of needs for your teeth and gums. The model also comes with a specially designed interdental brush head that removes food items stuck between teeth. Its USB chargeable feature makes it travel-ready. The battery can be charged fully within 4 hours, and it is supposed to last for 25 days for long term usage.

Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The SPARK electric toothbrush from Caresmith aims to deliver the most comfortable dental care with its bristles designed to match the natural contours of your teeth. The model comes with IPX7 waterproofing which ensures risk-free use even in the shower. The toothbrush also vibrates 30,000 times per minute to help clean hard to remove particles from difficult areas of the mouth. While the quad internal feature lets you know when it is time to change sides, the toothbrush can also switch off after the recommended two minutes of brushing time. The slim and light design helps everyone use it with equal ease, regardless of age or dexterity. 

Wurze 1901 Super Sonic Toothbrush

To give you the flexibility of adjusting your dental care to suit your needs, the Wurze 1901 electric toothbrush comes with five modes. The modes are Clean, White, Polish, Massage and Sensitive, and they adjust the performance of the brush to deliver the results needed. The brush operates with micro-vibrations at the rate of 40000 per minute to deliver gentle yet effective cleansing to your teeth. The criss-cross bristles allow cleaning of the hardest crevices of your teeth. The USB charging feature makes it easy to charge anywhere, while a full charge aims to run for an entire month’s usage. 

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