Effective display cleaning solutions for phones and laptops on Amazon India

By Dwaipayan Roy | Published on 22 Apr 2020
Effective display cleaning solutions for phones and laptops on Amazon India
Effective display cleaning solutions for phones and laptops on Amazon India

As every tech lover knows, the more you use laptops and smartphones, the dirtier they get. Thus cleaning them becomes essential, considering the important role they play in our day to day lives. When it comes to thoroughly cleaning your devices, you might probably be at a loss regarding where to start. This is where cleaning liquids come to the rescue. They make your devices shine without damaging the delicate electronic components. To keep your devices squeaky-clean and free from germs, get yourself any of these laptop/smartphone cleaning solutions that are available on Amazon. These products were selected based on the features on offer.

Saco Screen Cleaner Fluid Gel

Looking for a cleaning solution that safely removes fingerprints, dust and smudges from laptop and smartphone screens without leaving behind scratches? You can take a look at this product from Saco. This is said to be non-corrosive, alcohol-free cleaning gel does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe to use even if it comes in contact with your skin. In the package, you also get a microfiber in addition to the fluid which should help you polish the screens until they shine. The application of the fluid is quite easy – simply spray a little fluid on the screen, rub it with the microfiber and bingo! You get a spotless, shining screen. Things to keep in mind prior to the usage of the product include the fact that you must shake the solution well before use and spray the fluid on the screen from a distance of 5cm.

FEDUS 200ML Screen Cleaner

This screen cleaner from FEDUS should ensure that your smartphone and laptop displays are dust-free and have a clean appearance. Within the cleaning kit, you get an organic extract-based gel that thoroughly cleans the screens without leaving scratches. While the brand says this is ideal for LCD screens, it also states that it can be used for other displays as well. The screens do not get damaged as the fluid does not contain alcohol and acetone. The specially-designed cloth, brush and liquid ensure that cleaning the screens is easy. Also, the kit is very easy to store.

Premsons 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit

This comprehensive and affordable cleaning kit from Premsons should ensure that your laptop and smartphone displays keep sparkling for a long time. Within the kit you get reusable microfiber cloths, brush wipes for keyboards and a cleaning solution that is slated to thoroughly remove fingerprints, dust and dirt from the screen without leaving any marks or scratches behind. Though this is designed for cleaning LCD screens, this cleaning solution can be used for cleaning other kinds of screens as well, according to the company. A big plus is that the solution does not contain alcohol or acetone, making it harmless if it accidentally comes in contact with the skin, according to the brand. Also, the kit is quite compact and can be safely stored anywhere you want based on your convenience.

MiilionR 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit

Looking for a cleaning solution that not only thoroughly cleans the screens of your laptop and smartphone but also leaves a sweet fragrance behind? Well, you can take a look at this cleaning kit from MillionR. Though this cleaning solution has been designed primarily for cleaning LCD screens, they can be used on other surfaces as well, leaving behind a bright and clear display for a long time according to the company. Within the kit, you get a non-aerosol cleaner which removes smudges and fingerprints without using any harsh solvent. Also, the lint-free microfiber cloth should thoroughly clean the screen and leave behind a clear non-streak polish. A big plus for this kit is its ergonomic design, ensuring that it can be safely placed anywhere you want as per your wishes.

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