Educational DIY buildable toys for children on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 30 Nov 2021 10:54 IST
Educational DIY buildable toys for children on Amazon India
Educational DIY buildable toys for children on Amazon India

If you are on a mission to take your child off the screens and engage them in some productive, fun activity that will keep them engaged while teaching them interesting concepts and ideas, then look no further! Given below is a list of the best educational DIY buildable toys for children available on Amazon, that will help you do the same. 

Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher

Smartivity Hydraulic Plane Launcher is ideal for kids between the age of 6 to 12 years. The product has 153 parts and has a build time of 120 minutes. The product allows for longer constructive activity, multiple gameplays and superior engagement time. it allows for the brain development of the child. The product is made out of eco-friendly, engineered wood and meets international safety standards. The product requires no additional tools for assembly and there is no mess created while using it. It is easy to assemble and disassemble too.

funvention diy mechanical lock with key

funvention diy mechanical lock with key has a hands-on learning kit that provides an active way. It is suitable for children above the age of 6 years. The product has unlimited playtime and the learning is done through 3D mechanical model making. The product is useful in enhancing the child’s science exploration, cognitive development, creativity, etc. while constructing a rubber band powered mechanical lock. Considered to be a good birthday gift option, this kit contains environment-friendly parts and an easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual.

Skillmatics STEM Building Toy

Skillmatics STEM Building Toy has all its components made out of sustainable real wood and does not include adhesives. The child can easily learn difficult concepts such as refraction, magnification and magic of lenses using this kit. The product has a DIY time of 150 minutes and unlimited playtime. The product enhances numerous skills of the child such as problem-solving, analytical skills, etc. The product can be understood with the help of a step-by-step instruction video and a build manual. The kit presents a lot of exciting challenges to the user.

Funvention- for Little Scientist in Every Kid Garden Drip Irrigation Kit

Funvention- for Little Scientist in Every Kid Garden Drip Irrigation Kit provides a platform for children to have hands-on experience in building creative toys. There are numerous skills developed by the use of this product such as science exploration, cognitive development, creativity & imagination, observation skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and logical Reasoning. The kit has environmental friendly parts and a detailed step-by-step manual. It will help one build, plant, irrigate, grow and play. The activities are challenging and enhance the intellect of the user.

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