Dry cabinets for electronics on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published on 02 Mar 2021
Dry cabinets for electronics on Amazon India
Dry cabinets for electronics on Amazon India

The set of protocols needed to be followed while purchasing a dehumidifying cabinet will not be any different, whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. You need to take into consideration the metrics of price, size, material, and portability. If you are shouldering the responsibility of storing lenses, then a small cabinet should be more than enough. Otherwise, you will need to consider a larger one. Here, we will list a few options worth considering if you are planning on purchasing a dry cabinet.  

ANDBON Dry Cabinet  

The ANDBON dry cabinet is highly efficient when it comes down to keeping your camera dry. It brings about a sharp decrease in the amount of moisture and humidity that can cause in-rows in your camera gear. When the humidity level spikes, the cabinet starts the dehumidification process automatically.

HINSO Dry Cabinet

The HINSO Dry Cabinet uses the latest TE cooling wafer design that keeps excess moisture at bay. When the level of humidity crosses the setting value, it automatically starts to dehumidify. Hence, it ensures a stable and balanced storage space. It is a durable and solid dry cabinet made using a high-quality steel plate frame and aluminum alloy. 

PHOTRON Dry Cabinet 

The PHOTRON Dry Cabinet uses thermoelectric cooling technology to keep all your camera equipment and accessories safe and sound. It deters the build-up of rust, mildew, fungus, oxidation, and more. It also possesses a power-saving mode, which requires a minimum of 8 watts of power. The PHOTRON dry cabinet also has a magnetic cabinet door with a lock.

Photron Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier by Photron to store camera lenses and other equipment can be used for other purposes as well. It can also store paper money, stamps, paintings, tobacco, teas, cameras, musical instruments, antiques, electrical components, jewellery, etc. Basically, anything you want to keep dry, or free from mold, and which will fit in here. It is a safe and affordable, high-end dehumidifier. The thermoelectric cooling technology keeps expensive equipment safe from fungus, mold, dust, rust, mildew, moths, and moisture. It is easy to use and comes with a five-year warranty. Its high accuracy humidity control makes it a sought-after product to store expensive products.

ANDBON AD 120-S Electronic Dry Cabinet

This dry cabinet by ANDBON comes with a 120-litre volume that’s big enough to store quite a bit of your gear. This device works by cooling to remove moisture, causing it to condense on a plate, and then once it passes through the device it’s heated and evaporated again. The lowest moisture level it can attain is between 25-50% relative humidity (RH). This product should be able to help you maintain the precise humidity level that the stuff you store in it requires. And that stuff can be camera gear, which is the most popular way these cabinets are used, or even anything you want to keep free from dust, mould, moisture, rust, etc. 

Hiniso AB-21C 21L Digital Display Dry Cabinet

This dry cabinet from Hiniso is a perfect device for rapid de-humidification. It is heatless, quiet, quick and works on the principle of thermoelectric cooling. You can use this cabinet to store many things that are dear to you, or just expensive, such as camera lenses. It protects not just against moisture or humidity, but also mildew, mold, rust, dirt, dust, warping, oxidation, fungus, and more. There are no potential fire danger and leakage risks when using the cabinet. It comes with a humidity sensor that ensures humidity control with utmost accuracy, and it's pretty easy to use. 

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