Discover quality iPhone accessories to buy online on Amazon India

By Tabitha Thomas | Published on 17 May 2020
Discover quality iPhone accessories to buy online on Amazon India
Discover quality iPhone accessories to buy online on Amazon India

iPhones present a tight integration of hardware and iOS that works flawlessly. However, some accessories help iPhones deliver the most.  Users often desire enhanced features like storage options, connecting cables, wired headphones, charging accessories, protective screens and case, and hardware compatibility with other devices.

These add-ons have become essentials with a wide range of accessibility and features that are spot-on. Manufacturers have tried their best to level-up the overall iOS/Macintosh experience. We have compiled a list of such accessories that can complement your iPhone experience.

SanDisk iXpand Mini 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone and Computer

iPhones provide decent storage for basic media management and application storage. A good option for additional storage would be a handy flash drive that offers relatively high storage. SanDisk iXpand Mini offers 256GB of storage that your iPhone can use as a secondary storage option. It pairs with an app that manages most of the functionality, such as the ability to delete photos from the phone once it is copied to the drive. One end of the drive connects to the phone, while the other connects to the PC. It boasts of USB 3.0 connectivity that can support files transfer speed of 90mbps. The iXpand Mini is designed to keep the iPhone’s exoskeleton in mind both with and without the case. It allows storing photos, videos and documents of popular format that happen automatically.

HUMBLE® Spiral Charger Cable Protector

Charging cables get exposed to extreme usage, this daily routine affects the durability causing minor wear, bending, opening of protective layers. Users are left with no other choice than to replace the cable and buy newer sets. HUMBLE Spiral charger protector helps in subduing unwanted distortions in cable-connector junctions. These protectors act as a damper in a stress hotspot leaving less room for wear and damage. Besides, they also protect the cable from frays, knots, specks of dirt, and avoid the risk of breaking. The protector is made of quality TPU material, allowing for comfortable handling.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable

The AmazonBasic lightning cable is an iPhone data syncing/transfer accessory that is heavy on the hardware side. The cable does all the primary functions of lightning connectors like power charging and connectivity with compatible devices. The cable is enclosed within durable nylon cloth with a high-quality copper wire core for increased signal quality and strength. The nylon fibre cloth casing provides additional protection and flexibility that makes cable management hassle-free. The design also avoids tangling of cables and connectors and provides a good fit. The cable comes with hardware assurance of 95-degree bending tested for 4,000 times.

Rhymestore® Audio + Charger Rockstar with 3.5 mm Adapter for iPhone

The Rhymestore Audio provides a combo solution of charging and missing headphone jack in iPhone X. With support for lightning audio, it can play audio for headphones and music systems. The Rhymestore adapter provides passthrough charging for 12W and supports 48kHz signal frequency. Music playback is topped with a plug-and-play feature allowing high fidelity sound quality through its 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio is further enhanced by its premium digital audio conversion chip offering up to 24-bit 48khz lossless audio output.

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