Discover high quality tangle-free Type-C USB charging cables

By Tabitha Thomas | Published on 20 May 2020
Discover high quality tangle-free Type-C USB charging cables
Discover high quality tangle-free Type-C USB charging cables

USB cables are a dime a dozen, but when you get the cheap ones, you invite more trouble for yourself and for your precious gadgets. Perhaps the connectors don’t fit or perhaps they kink too easily and get damaged just as easily. So we’ve rounded up some of the good ones which are not only Type-C but also have the added advantage of being tangle-free. You might think of tangle-free cables as a luxury but in these times when you have to carry multiple cables for your devices on your person, you’ll be immensely relieved to have tangle-free cables which make life way more convenient.

USB C Cable, Yianerm Tangle-Free Type C Metal Charging Cord

The Yiarnam tangle-free cord functions like a usual Type-C USB but takes heavy leaning on the form part which is completely made of metal. The cable length is 3.3-feet and is made of flexible metal. The cable is compatible with most smartphones, computers, tablets and other USB-C port devices with good docking fit. The metal encasing looks and feels premium, and the metal hardly kinks making it easy to coil and restore the initial state. The cable supports fast charging for up to 2.4A power draw.

MTT Nylon Braided Tangle-Free USB Type C Charging Cable  

The MTT nylon USB-C cable boasts of nylon braided cable with high-speed charging and data transfer. The cable is covered with premium braided nylon fibre, making it tangle-free. It supports quick charging with up to 2.4A power draw and higher data transmission rates because of the high number of copper wires. The unit comes with a 5000+ bend lifespan ensuring a good durability profile. The MTT USB-C cable is 1.2-meter long and has connectors that come with case compatibility ensuring a good fit. It offers data sync and a transfer rate of up to 480Mbit/s. 

Mobivax USB Type C to A Male Tangle-free Cable

The Mobivax USB-C cable is a unique blend of design, charging features and data transfer rate. The all-metal cable functions to provide easy, shock and wear-proof, tangle-free cable management. It also features support for Dash charge which is the rapid-charging feature present in OnePlus devices. The all-metal construction prevents knotting and lends anti-breakage properties increasing the durability of the cable. It supports a wide variety of Type-C compatible devices offering data sync, data transfer and safe charging capabilities at 3.0A. Fast charging is further aided by pure copper wire core enhancing the data transfer rate and reducing the charging time.  

WireSwipe™ Nylon Braided Tangle-Free USB Type-C

The WireSwipe USB-C sports high-quality nylon fibre jacket that looks sleek, increasing its durability and flexibility. The cable is compatible with most USB-C devices like smartphones, Macbook, Chromebook, Tablets and other devices. It allows fast-charging with devices that require about 2.4A maximum. The WireSwipe cable is 1-meter long nylon braided hardened cable along with aluminium casing with 5000+ bend lifespan, adding flexibility and longevity to the cable. The overall build compliments the tangle-free quality of the cable.

Tabitha Thomas

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