Discover high quality tangle-free micro USB charging cables on Amazon India

By Sudhanshu Singh | Published on 28 Aug 2020
Discover high quality tangle-free micro USB charging cables on Amazon India
Discover high quality tangle-free micro USB charging cables on Amazon India

We often tend to damage the in-box charging cables of our smartphones and other battery-operated devices after a while. There are a handful of manufacturers that provide quality cables that do not tangle and are durable. But in case you have a device that uses micro USB, we would recommend you to invest in a cable that offers fast charging, data transmission speeds and lasts long. To make it even easier for you, we’ve picked the best tangle-free micro USB cables on Amazon, that can last long. 

AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable

Our first pick would be the AmazonBasics micro USB as we’ve tested it internally and can assure of a long-lasting built. What’s more inviting is that it offers 480MBps data transmission speed and charging capability up to 2100 mA, which makes it ideal for charging phones, hard disks, PC peripherals and other devices that deal in storage as well. The company says it has gold plated connectors that are corrosion resistant to ensure signals aren’t distorted. The cap design of the micro USB port is small, which makes it easier to fit even if the device allows lesser space around the port. The cable is 6ft long and is flexible and sturdy at the same time. 

pTron Solero Micro USB

The pTron Solero Micro USB cable has a distinct design compared to other cables in the list. It comes with a sturdy nylon braided housing, metal connectors with reversible USB 2.0 on one end and L-shaped micro USB at the other that is claimed to extend its life. It also adds convenience while playing games or watching a video. The cable allows you to charge your devices up to 2.4A speed and data sync at 480MBps simultaneously. It is 1.2m in length and can be used with all the devices that require a micro USB for charging or connectivity.

Fasgear Micro USB Cable

This micro USB cable from Fasgear is perfect for those who like to add a bit of fun to their belongings. It comes with a dual-tone braided design that is available in five colours. The company says it’s compact, and its metal connector heads resist heat and corrosion to last long. It is also claimed to charge devices up to 8% faster than standard cables and transfers data at 480Mbp/s via USB 2.0. Lastly, it’s 3m length makes it even more convenient to use when you don’t want to be stuck around the power source. 

boAt Rugged v3 Extra Tough Unbreakable Braided Micro USB Cable

This is another sturdy micro USB cable with a braided design covering. What makes it a go-to option is its two years warranty that ensures you get the most value out of the product. Boat claims that it features a superior tough polyethylene braided jacket which provides greater protection than its competitors. It is claimed to give 10000 plus bend lifespan, and stress resistance. In terms of speed, it supports 2.4A rapid charge, fast data transmission and speed to sync your device at speed up to 480mbps. It is 1.5m in length and can be used across all devices that have a micro-USB female port.

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