Digital thermometers to check body temperature on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 04 Jun 2020
Digital thermometers to check body temperature on Amazon India
Digital thermometers to check body temperature on Amazon India

The health is something that shouldn’t be ignored or misjudged, every household should be prepared with the right measures to detect the issue before taking any precautionary step. A digital thermometer is something that always comes handy in checking body temperature for the most common issue like a fever. You never know when an illness can strike, which is why it is absolutely crucial to have an efficient digital thermometer that gives accurate readings. You can either get an infrared digital thermometer that allows you to take readings without getting in contact with the person or get a regular one that you stick under your tongue or armpit. Here are four digital thermometers that you can get at Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Measupro IRT20

Measupro IRT20 is an advanced digital infrared thermometer with a plethora of features. To start with, it can measure temperatures in the range of -50°C to 380°C. Such a wide range allows you to check temperatures of various things, letting you use it to check the temperature of the meat while cooking, the air-conditioning, heating and so on. You just need to point the infrared thermometer towards the object you want the temperature of from a distance of 5cms to get the reading. You can view the temperature in Fahrenheit as well.  It has a button for a laser that you can turn on to ensure you’re taking the temperature of a precise spot. This can be quite handy while cooking as you must measure the temperature of the thickest part of the meat to determine its doneness. Furthermore, you can turn the backlight on or off according to your preference. To save battery life, the thermometer automatically switches off if left idle for seven seconds.

Contec TP 500

The Contec TP 500 is an infrared thermometer that displays readings in an LCD display with a white backlight. The digital thermometer is ideal for users who want to take temperature readings from a distance with zero contact. You can measure the temperature of a person or object by holding the thermometer at a distance of 5cms. The response time is less than one second, as claimed by the company. The brand also states that it gives accurate readings with an error of ±0.2° in the range of 35°C  to 42°C and ±0.3° otherwise. It has a power management automatic shutdown feature, which shuts the power after five seconds of inactivity. It shows the temperature with light indicators – blue for normal, yellow for slight fever and red for high fever so that you can take necessary actions. Furthermore, it can store multiple recordings to track your temperature or to compare it with someone else.

Dr. Trust Digital Thermometer

Here is a budget-friendly digital thermometer that shows readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This compact thermometer comes with a flexible tip that should ensure comfort while keeping it under your tongue. According to company claims, the product gives measurements with medical-grade accuracy with an error of just ±0.02°. It beeps an alarm once it’s done taking the reading. The device is waterproof and has an IP27 rating, allowing you to sterilise it after every use without any fear of causing damage to it.

Thermocare DM-300

Here is a robust digital infrared thermometer from Thermocare that gives you accurate and quick readings, as claimed by the company. The device needs to be 3-5cms close to the person to get the readings. The thermometer produces no beeping sounds, which allows you to measure the body temperature of your infant without disturbance. Furthermore, it shows the readings in three different colours that indicate the severity of the fever. The backlight turns green for normal temperatures, yellow for slight fevers and red for high fevers. The device turns off if you do not use it for seven seconds straight, thus managing the battery life.

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