Deep Freezers for different needs on Amazon India

By Prabhat Bhor | Published on 22 Nov 2020
Deep Freezers for different needs on Amazon India
Deep Freezers for different needs on Amazon India

If you are someone who hosts large parties or owns a departmental store, a restaurant or a pub, you should definitely have a deep freezer. It lets you keep frozen meat, processed foods, drinks, ice cream and so much more in it to preserve the items for a longer time. The holding capacity, temperature range, energy efficiency, PUF insulation and build quality are some of the features you should check for while buying a deep freezer. Keeping these properties and more in mind, here is a list of four deep freezers that you should consider before buying one from

Godrej 316L Freezer

The Godrej 316L Freezer is a deep freezer with a capacity of 316L which is suitable for commercial use. The refrigerator comes with power-saving technology and aims to keep your annual power consumption around 591.3 kilowatts. It has a tropicalised compressor for greater efficiency and supercooling retention. This device is durable and operates silently. It has an anti-rodent cabinet for hygiene, along with a system for faster freezing, excellent drain design and a robust body.

Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer

If you are looking for a compact single compartment deep freezer, then this product from Haier is a decent option to consider. The convertible deep freezer has a storage capacity of 198L, which is good to use for your large house parties. It operates in the temperature range of -18°C to +10°C. You can store frozen meat, packaged foods, drinks, ice creams and so on with ease. The trapezoid door design and molecular foaming should ensure the retention of the temperature inside the freezer even during power cuts. Since it comes with low power consumption technology, the company claims to give you 40% savings in energy consumption. The compact build design of the freezer makes it user-friendly as it occupies lesser space.

Haier HCC125G, Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer

Just like the previous model, the Haier HCC-125G is also a single door hardtop deep freezer. It offers 100 liters of storage space and there’s a power indicator light that notifies if the freezer is powered on or not. You can store items like meat, packaged food, ice cream, vegetables, deserts a lot more for longer life. It can handle from 160 to 260V voltage range, which reduces its dependency on the stabiliser. The company says its three-layered trapezoid door design prevents leakage of cold air from gaps, which results in longer cooling retention without power. Its small size makes it a good fit for small commercial stores and households.


Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Deep Freezer

With an aesthetically soft look, this model of Voltas is appealing in terms of appearance as well as usage. The hygiene factor has been improved because of the use of stucco Aluminium in the inner liner. It is suitable for supercooling as its temperature range is even lower than -18 degrees Celsius. The freezer is made of UV grade plastic material for durability. The spring-loaded hinges make using the freezer effortless, and the castor wheels should help in easy transportation. Protection Status