Compact grinders for express cooking needs on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 18 Jun 2020
Compact grinders for express cooking needs on Amazon India
Compact grinders for express cooking needs on Amazon India

One of the biggest issues with grinders is that they occupy a lot of space. This can pose a problem to those with compact kitchens, as well as people who prefer a clutter-free minimalist vibe. The best way to solve this issue is by buying a compact grinder that can be easily placed in a corner so that your kitchen remains clutter-free. Here are four such compact grinders for your express cooking needs that you can get on Amazon. We have compiled a list of wet and all-round grinders that should suffice most cooking needs. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Prestige PEX 1.0 Mixer Grinder

If you are looking for a really compact mixer grinder, then this product from Prestige should be a good choice to consider. It is so compact that it takes up less than 150sqcm, which should save a lot of space on the kitchen countertop. Another added advantage of the design is that the jars are designed in a way to facilitate multipurpose use as they can be used as storage boxes as well. You just need to remove the lid with the blades and replace it with the other lid (that comes in the box). The mixer grinder operates on a robust 350W motor and since the power outage is not much, it produces less noise than a lot of other similar appliances in the market. Also, the robust motor helps in delivering quick results in your kitchen.

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

Here is a budget-friendly compact grinder from Butterfly that would be ideal for people who prepare the batter for idlis, dosas and other such food on a regular basis. It uses an efficient grinding technology, using two cylindrical stones, to replicate the texture produced by traditional grinding methods. The machine works on a 150W motor, which should do the job in quick time without producing too much noise. The whole exterior body is made of ABS and the drum is made of stainless steel, which should make the machine durable and strong. Furthermore, you can easily remove the drum to clean the stones and the drum itself, once you are done with making the batter. Finally, it has an additional coconut scraping attachment, which you can use to get faster results while making some irresistible coconut chutney.

Ultra Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Grinder

Idlis and Dosas have always bees popular across the country, having a specialised grinder to prepare the batter for the same is an addition most kitchens often need. If you are looking for something similar, this compact grinder from Ultra can be a good choice. It uses patented conical stones to grind the flour into the right consistency to give the batter a higher fermentation rise, as per company claims. As a result, your idlis should get fluffier and tastier. The grinder runs on a 150W motor that keeps the pace of the operation steady throughout to try and maintain the correct texture. Furthermore, it has a multi-utility drum that you can remove once the batter is prepared and use as a storage vessel as well. It comes with a blade to knead wheat flour and one blade to scrape coconut as well as to perform additional functions.

La’Vite Cherie

Here is a multi-purpose compact mixer from La’Vite that works as a mixer, blender and grinder as well. It has a base with a powerful high-torque 380W motor that delivers fast RPM values for the blades, which should deliver quick performance under all conditions. It comes with two long jars and one small jar, along with two detachable blades for you to use according to your needs. Additionally, it comes with three different lids – seasoning, steamer and shaker, which should help you use the jars as multi-purpose storage containers as well. The milling blade used in it should be able to deliver good performance when you want to mill the ground spices, rice and pulses. Furthermore, the cross-blades should ease the process of getting fruit extracts for fresh juice. Protection Status