Charging docks for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

By Shrey Pacheco | Published on 02 May 2020
Charging docks for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India
Charging docks for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

Unlike the standard Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with a dock to charge your device. As such, you may wish to invest in a dock to make charging your new gaming platform easier than simply plugging in a cable. Not only that but since the Switch Lite does not have a kickstand. So you will need a way to prop it up. Here’s a look at some charging docks for the Nintendo Switch Lite available on Amazon. Do note that these products were selected based on the features on offer.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand NS

The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand NS offers an adjustable stand. This should make it easy to angle the screen just right. Further, the device is relatively compact. So you should not have any issues with carrying it around with you.

FidgetGear Electronics Charging Dock

This charging dock for the from FidgetGear Electronic is relatively tiny. So you can carry them with you all the time. Thanks to its triangular design, you get a very stable base, so you won’t have to worry about the dock toppling over. Further, the dock is available in multiple colours, so you can choose one that best suits your Nintendo Switch Lite.

OOOUSE Charging Stand

This charging stand by OOOUSE features vents, which are aimed at helping your Nintendo Switch Lite to remain cool. It also offers short circuit protection, overheating protection, temperature detection and more. It also features a flip cover for the charging port, so it is protected from dust and debris.

Porro Fino Charging Dock

The Porro Fino Charging Dock is quite lightweight. Just what one would need if they travel around a lot. Further, it should be noted that the device does not offer an adjustable back. However, it does make up for it by offering a wide base, which should ensure peace of mind.

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