Charging cable organisers for frequent travellers on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 17 Jan 2022 14:36 IST
Charging cable organisers for frequent travellers on Amazon India
Charging cable organisers for frequent travellers on Amazon India

Tangled charging cables have always been one of the nightmares of frequent travellers. Imagine digging into your backpack and pulling out a jumbled mess of wires entangled with pens, combs and other items while you are just trying to retrieve the charger cord! You can declutter and organise all these cables with the help of a long-lasting organiser case and travel smart without spending a bomb! To help you out, here’s a list of some of the best cable organisers available on Amazon. 

Seagull flight of fashion organizer

This case by Seagull flight of fashion made with durable, shockproof and waterproof nylon can keep all the cables and electronics accessories safe while you travel. It is equipped with superior quality zips, a strong handle and everything that makes it an ideal travel companion. The case is lined with durable padded foam that protects your equipment against scratches, dust, impacts and accidental drops by absorbing the shock. This stylish and versatile case has dedicated slots so that you can firmly place all your electronic accessories and cables safe and within easy reach. This multilayered designed bag boasts adjustable padded dividers that ensure optimum space use and let you customise them according to your needs. You can store chargers, memory cards, earphones, SIM cards, power banks, and other compact accessories or gadgets without any worries, which makes it a great gifting option!

SaleOn™ Storage Organizer

Here’s yet another case made from a highly durable and premium quality material that contributes to flexibility and durability. You can now store all your cables and other compact gadgets and carry them around without storage issues. It not only acts as a smart storage solution but also protects them from damage. The inner bag has a mesh pocket to store memory cards, cables or anything that you can’t fit into the other dedicated slots. It can be a boon for travellers as they can simply use and place them back without misplacing anything (especially during security checks at airports!). This heavy-duty organiser is waterproof so that your accessories are not damaged due to water, dust, grime and accidental falls. 

Tizum Travel Organizer

This multipurpose gadget and accessories organiser is big enough to store your daily electronic needs. It is made using high-quality Lycra material that makes it shockproof, dustproof and waterproof so that the stuff inside is protected under all circumstances. The 11 elastic loops and the two mesh pockets help keep the things like cables, cells and pen drives in place. The dedicated slots can also store SIM cards, chargers or other gadgets and tools you might want to keep in it. The built strap, along with the buffer layer, absorbs impact due to slips or accidental falls, thereby safeguarding your accessories from scratches, dust, water and damage due to heavy impact. You can even use this versatile organiser to store stationery or other essentials you love to take with you everywhere! It has a sturdy build (to handle everyday wear and tear) and a strong handle so that it can accompany you as you travel to new destinations. 

STOIQE Carrying Case

This carrying case from STOIQE comes with a large storage capacity to store all your daily accessories easily in one place. Its reliable, sustainable, water-resistant fabric provides excellent fibre strength and is more durable than nylon (as mentioned by the company). Plus, being made from highly durable and sturdy material, this bag protects your equipment from scrapes, dust and spontaneous droppings. This portable case with adjustable compartments and mesh pockets protects you from the trouble of losing your stuff by keeping them safe and secure in order according to the size of your tools. Moreover, it can conveniently store chargers, memory cards, earphones, SIM cards, power banks and other important accessories. This elegant and stylish carry bag can be a good gift for travellers, students and office employees.

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