Chargers with PPS charging for phones and laptops on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 20 Feb 2022 16:25 IST
Chargers with PPS charging for phones and laptops on Amazon India
Chargers with PPS charging for phones and laptops on Amazon India

With laptops and smartphones playing a huge role in our lives today, keeping them charged has become a crucial need for us. Fast charging makes that easier by reducing the time it takes for your device to reach a full battery. However, using any fast charger is not enough to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is a charging technology where the device can share data with the power source, and the power source can adjust the charging rate depending on the status of the device. To help you pick the right charger with PPS, we have curated some of the top models available on Amazon. These options offer a great mix of valuable specifications and unique features.

Stuffcool Neutron

Featuring a highly compact design, the Stuffcool Neutron can deliver 25W of PPS power for compatible devices. With a maximum power output of 33W, it can even meet the needs of laptop users. It uses GaN technology for high-efficiency performance. The design features dual ports - a type-C output that supports 33W Power Delivery and a USB Fast Charge port. This gives you the freedom to use this charger with a broader range of cables and devices. Its portable design makes it easier to carry wherever you go. The clean white aesthetic of the model enhances its visual appeal.


With 62W power, the AMX XP 60 is ready to satisfy the charging needs of even the most demanding users. Its 45W Power Delivery port is helpful for those seeking to charge the latest laptops, phones and more. It also has three USB-A ports for compatibility with a wider range of devices. You can use all four ports simultaneously, making this an excellent choice for those with many chargeable gadgets around. The model is designed with premium components for enhanced durability and longevity. Its all-black design delivers a sleek look to your setup.

Sortd 65W GaN Fast Charger

The Sortd charger comes with three ports so that you can charge your laptop, smartphone and tablet at the same time. With two USB-C ports, you can use your latest connectors easily. The model has GaN technology inside for faster and reliable charging. Its Intelligent power distribution technology adjusts the output between the multiple ports for the best results. The charger has been built with 13 charging protections in place, keeping your devices and the charger secure at all times. The highly compact design makes this model portable and easy to store. You also get an Indian Pin Converter to enhance compatibility with various plug points. 

Stuffcool Napoleon

The Napoleon charger from Stuffcool supports a maximum power output of 65W, which is high enough for several laptops and ultrabooks. The charger can intelligently distribute its power between the two outputs with the Power Delivery technology. It delivers 45W from the USB-C port, and 18W from the QuickCharge 3 enabled USB-A port. The design features temperature protection so that your device is not damaged due to overuse. Its inbuilt PPS protocol also makes it compatible with dynamic power output with the right devices. The compact design makes it a great travel companion, while its multiple outputs help save the space that a second charger would occupy.


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