Camera battery grips that let you click photos for hours on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 01 May 2020
Camera battery grips that let you click photos for hours on Amazon India
Camera battery grips that let you click photos for hours on Amazon India

One of the biggest issues faced by professional photographers and cinematographers is the inadequacy of the battery life that regular DSLR batteries have. This is the reason why most professionals use a camera battery grip to add more battery life to cameras. Additionally, many camera grips not only extend the battery life but also feature a set of functional buttons including the shutter release button. If you have been trying to make it as a professional photographer and want better devices at your disposal, here are four camera battery grips that you should check out on Amazon. Do note that these products were selected for the features and specifications on offer.

BG-E9 Battery Grip for Canon EOS 60D Digital Camera for LP-E6

If you are looking for a camera grip specifically for your Canon EOS 60D, then the BG-E9 Battery Grip should be a good choice. It comes with a portrait camera shooting shutter button along with buttons for auto-focusing. This camera grip is a good option for those facing battery issues as you can hold two LP-E6 lithium batteries inside it. Additionally, you can also use 6 AA batteries if you want. Do note that the build is such that it makes the camera grip dust-proof, which means that you should be able to use it outdoors. The thickness of the camera grip has been ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold.

Voking Battery Grip for Nikon D800 D810 Camera

The Voking battery Grip is ideal for the Nikkon D800 and Nikon D810 model. The camera grip has a shutter release button along with other functional buttons to control auto-focus points, different modes and so on. It also comes with multiple buttons and dials to give you access to the functions of the camera. You can attach your tripod or monopod with ease as it has a pilot hole at the bottom. The camera grip has been ergonomically designed to ensure smooth handling when you hold it to click pictures.

Voking Powerful Battery Grip VK-E8 for Canon 550D/600D/650D/700D

Here is a camera grip from Voking that is compatible with multiple DSLRs like the Canon 550D, 600D, 650D and 700D. Thanks to the excellent rubber coating on the grip, the camera grip seamlessly blends with the overall body texture of your DSLR. The camera grip has the shutter button and the AF buttons to help you capture portrait pictures with ease. It has the dial wheel as well to give you access to other important functions. It also comes with the low-power LCD screen lock function and ‘lock display’ mode, so that it gives you those extra few minutes to get that all-important shot. It also comes with a 2.4G wireless remote control, which helps you connect to your camera. In fact, the brand claims that this works even up to a 100 transmission distance.

Neewer Battery Grip for Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera

If you are looking for a camera battery grip for your Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, then this battery grip from Neewer is ideal thanks to its multiple functions. It has the shutter release button, A-F buttons, sub-command dial and much more. Furthermore, it also has the space to use a one-fourth inch screw to connect your tripod or monopod. It can hold either a 1 EN-EL15 rechargeable battery or 6 AA batteries to give you enough power to use your camera for long hours. Furthermore, it is also one of the most lightweight camera grips available in the market. Protection Status