Buy high-quality micro-USB charging cables

By Tabitha Thomas | Published on 07 May 2020
Buy high-quality micro-USB charging cables
Buy high-quality micro-USB charging cables

Micro USB cables have become an inevitable part of digital garages. Using a substandard or faulty micro USB cable is risky for your devices. Along with safety standards, some USB cable manufacturers have pushed the limits by offering hardware quality, electric and data transfer rates that compete with big companies. Durability, data transfer rate, long-distance dependability, cable material, and casing are some of the things to look out for when buying a micro USB cable.

Evynza Micro USB Tough & Unbreakable Braided Cable 

Evynza micro USB cable projects premium-like cable property with braided covering. It features wear protection with its rugged cable feature strengthened by a polyethylene-braided jacket. The unit is rated for a maximum charging capacity of 2.4 A that can power tablets and mobile phones at better rates. The USB further facilitates ease of performance with its device sync feature with a transfer rate of 480 Mb/s.  The 10.5mm aluminium alloy casing protects the vulnerable zone from bending and wear and gives a sleek look. Maintenance is less complicated with tangle-free cable property. 

Belkin Micro-USB 2.0 A Charge and Sync Cable

The Belkin Micro USB 2.0 serves the basic purpose of charging, data transfer with good build quality features. The striking feature of the unit is the hardware build quality that can be compared with standard electronics companies. The Belkin Micro USB 2.0 has done a long run in the market since its manufacturing in the year 2013. It is still relevant to basic USB hardware interaction which makes it a good contender if your need is aligned to its features.

Micromax DB10WM4B3 Micro USB Data Charging Cable (White)

The Micromax DB10WM4B3 is made of a quality high-speed cable that is rated for a 450Mbps data transfer rate. The USB cable connects with the computer's USB port seamlessly offering a good transfer rate.  The cable comes with a hassle-free design that is easy to carry and maintain. Quick charging and data sync can be done using the cable since it can handle 1 A. The Micromax DB10WM4B3 sums up as a basic charging and data sync accessory.

AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable

The AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable is optimally designed for an ergonomic appearance suitable for small spaces. The build quality gives a sturdy and wear-free property that ensures safe and dissipation free transmission.  The cable provides a data transmission speed of 480Mbps and an enhanced charging capability of 2.1 A, sporting a compact connector head.  Additionally, the cable comes with corrosion-resistant gold plated connectors for efficient transmission without signal disparities. The AmazonBasics Micro USB cable also facilitates high-speed data sync between USB interfaces. Overall, AmazonBasics Micro USB provides an impressive build and usability.

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