Budget air coolers to beat the heat on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 16 Feb 2021
Budget air coolers to beat the heat on Amazon India
Budget air coolers to beat the heat on Amazon India

The heat can be quite unbearable in India, and the only way to beat the dry heat is by having the right kind of air coolers. A good air cooler doesn’t just cool your room; it also does so without damaging the environment. Moreover, these are also easy on your pocket as they won’t add up to hefty electricity bills. So, read on to know more about some of the most efficient and affordable air coolers you can find on Amazon. Note that these have been curated based on their listed features.

Khaitan POLO Air Cooler

Here is a 55-litre tower air cooler from Khaitan that delivers a powerful air throw, as it uses a powerful engine that spins the blades with a high RPM of 1350. Moreover, it supports auto-swing, which should deliver an equally distributed airflow in the room. If you want more cooling, you can put ice cubes in the ice chamber and enjoy chilly air. Another user-friendly feature of this air cooler is that it is compatible with an inverter, which means you can continue to beat the heat even during a power cut. 

Maharaja Bravo+ Co-137 Air Cooler

Here is a large-capacity air cooler from Maharaja with a dedicated ice chamber, which will come in handy on those super hot days. You just need to put ice cubes in the tray, and you should be able to enjoy a cooling similar to that of an AC. The 18-inch blades and powerful engine help the cause even more by improving the air delivery rate, delivering a powerful air throw. The air cooler uses Honeycomb pads that can retain water for more extended periods and provide sustained cooling. 

V-Guard AIKIDO F70 Air Cooler

Here is a 70 L air cooler from V-Guard that uses 40% thicker honeycomb pads to deliver an effective cooling performance by retaining the coolness for longer periods of time. Another impressive feature of this big air cooler is delivering a strong airflow at 4700m3/hr. Such a strong airflow can cover a distance as long as 15.2 metres per company claims, which should help beat the heat in the room quickly. It also gives you the provision to wind the cable and keep it in a compartment in the cooler, to make it a clutter-free setup when not in use. Finally, the four strong castor wheels, enable you to move the air cooler from one spot to another with ease. 

Asian Jambo Desert Air Cooler

Here is a room cooler from Asian that delivers powerful air throw and uses an automatic vertical swing louvre system to distribute the air in the room evenly. Ideally, it should be able to cool a room that is as long as 35ft, as per company claims. You can choose from three different speeds – high, medium and low, based on how hot it is outside. The large capacity of 70 litres means that you won’t have to worry about refilling the water tank now and then. Moreover, its efficient honeycomb pads retain water for a longer duration of time. Finally, it comes with a stand, enabling you to place it at the level of your windows with ease. 

Symphony Siesta Jr Air Cooler

Here is an air cooler that is ideal for rooms as big as 60m2, such as a big living room or a master bedroom. This 70-litre air cooler delivers a powerful air throw, which should help cool the room quickly and beat the heat efficiently. The louvres can operate automatically, and this helps in ensuring that the room is cooled evenly. Furthermore, the water-level indicator helps you give a clear idea about when to refill the water tank. Finally, even though it is a large-capacity air cooler, it has a compact body enabling you to keep it in any corner with ease. 

Kenstar Icecool Air Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler that does not produce a lot of noise, this model from Kenstar is a good option. With this air cooler, you will be able to have a peaceful sleep without any disturbances from the cooler, making it ideal for households with babies. Another helpful feature of this 60-litre air cooler is that it uses dust/mosquito filters to ensure a fresh and clean airflow in the room. Finally, it uses honeycomb media/pads, which lasts much longer than the traditional wood wool pads, thus freeing you from the duty of changing pads frequently. 

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