Blu-ray players for HD videos on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published on 21 Feb 2021
Blu-ray players for HD videos on Amazon India
Blu-ray players for HD videos on Amazon India

In the past few years, Blu-ray players have come into vogue as the latest technology makes movie watching at home a pleasurable experience. This gadget helps users to watch high-definition movies and videos at home with the best sound effect and high-quality picture. Blu-ray has come up as a high-definition disc format. If using HDTV, it is imperative to have a Blu-ray player making optimal use of the HDTV screen display. There is no dearth of Blu-ray players in the market. Here is a list of the highly-recommended players.  

LG Dynastar BP175

This blu-ray player delivers Full High Definition (FHD) video (1080p) with high definition digital audio accompanying it. It is a region-free player, so it will play blu-ray discs from all over the globe. It even doubles up as a DVD player, so you don't need to chuck out your old DVD collection. Again, DVDs from anywhere in the world can be played on it. The device claims to be able to upscale DVD resolution to full HD with exceptional quality. It supports both the PAL and NTSC video formats. It even has a USB port for playing video files stored on an external drive. Included among the accessories are a 6 foot long HDMI cable, a remote with batteries and an EU plug adapter. So, wherever you may roam, you'll always be able to watch any kind of blu-ray or DVD, so long as you're using a TV with an HDMI input port.

Mitsun MIT-BLU3000 Blu Ray DVD Player

Mitsun MIT-BLU3000 Blu Ray players work amazingly well. It upscales the video to 1080p and provides excellent sound and video quality that turns movie watching at home into a theater-like experience. It supports 3D movies and also plays files that are more than 20 GB effortlessly. It also supports DTS and Dolby. Its BD-Live features work well. LAN cable can be used for robust internet connection. Packed with features, it is a fantastic option if connecting a 5.1 home theater system. It comes with several ports like coaxial, optical, HDMI, etc. It is truly a value for money Blu-ray player.


This Blu-ray player by Sony displays even black and white films with amazing ease. The player has a perfect grip on upscaling the video so that the user can revisit favorite shows anytime in detail. The picture quality is excellent with the images being sharp and detailed. The player is also known for its superb audio quality. It handles midrange vocals cleanly in great detail. The excellent sound combined with high picture quality takes movie watching at home closer to a movie theater experience. Enjoy listening to low beats while the earthy texture of bass guitar sounds washes over to create a fantastic ambience.

Yamaha BD-S681

Yamaha's BD-S681 is also a multi-region player. It can also play DVDs and 3D Blu-Ray discs. Its connection is via either HDMI or Wi-Fi. This player is enabled with 4K UHD (Ultra-High Definition) video up-scaling. It is compatible with both the Dolby HD and the DTS HD surround sound formats. A big plus, thus, is the fact that it has a CD mode, which allows it to function as an audio CD player. In this mode, the HDMI video and other circuits are automatically shut off and the disc rotation speed is reduced by 30% to cut down on vibrations. The combination of these effects greatly enhances the data reading sensitivity, thus yielding a stunning auditory output. Finally, using Miracast, you can mirror your smartphone or tablet's video so that it appears on the widescreen in higher resolution.   

Panasonic DMP-UB400 

This player gives you 4K UHD picture quality with high definition Dolby audio to accompany it. It has HDR (High Dynamic Range) adjustment settings with which you can tweak the brightness and contrast levels to suit the ambient lighting of your surroundings. To top it all, it has inbuilt wireless LAN and allows you to watch videos on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in ultra-high definition.  

Sony UBP-X700 

Sony's UBP-X700 allows you to play any disc, whether Blu-Ray or DVD, and in either standard format, whether PAL or NTSC, and finally get to watch pristine 4K images, up-scaled if required, and hear rich surround sound. You can also stream videos from 4K streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. It features dual HDMI ports, one a standard video / audio one and one a dedicated audio-only one, which allows you to listen to music recorded in multiple formats. It supports HDR10, which gives you 100 times the brightness of a Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) signal, hugely enhancing the peak signal while retaining deep and richly detailed blacks, thus yielding never-before-experienced contrast.

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