Biometric door locks with fingerprint sensors on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 24 May 2021
Biometric door locks with fingerprint sensors on Amazon India
Biometric door locks with fingerprint sensors on Amazon India

Today, most of the traditional locks can be broken easily. They give a false sense of security to homeowners that a single layer of protection is enough to protect against intruders and burglars. However, you can kick up your home security by using fingerprint door locks. These locks provide multiple modes of access that don’t only protect your home from intruders but also make things convenient for you by offering keyless entry. If you are looking to buy a fingerprint door lock for your home, ensure the one you finalise can store multiple fingerprints for your entire family. Here is a list of a few good options of fingerprint door locks on Amazon. 

ZKTeco Plastic Biometric Main Door Handle Fingerprint Smart Lock 

The ZKTeco Plastic Biometric Main Door Handle Fingerprint Smart Lock features an LED indicator that gives five types of indications, showing your current lock status. It comes with a concealed keyhole inside the handle, which you can use to unlock your door in case the battery voltage is too low. It can store up to 90 fingerprints for you and remembers it even after a power loss, ensuring you don’t have to store it again and again. The smart lock offers a recognition time of one second, giving you a seamless unlocking experience. It can only be used on a door that has a thickness of between 30-53mm. 

LAVNA L-A8 Biometric Door Lock

The LAVNA L-A8 Biometric Door Lock comes in a rose gold finish that can give your door a premium look. It can register up to 120 fingerprints, making it perfect for both homes and offices. Moreover, it also offers entry through RFID cards (120 storage capacity) and PIN (120 storage capacity) that gives you the flexibility to pick the ideal mode of access. The smart lock has an unlocking speed of 0.5 seconds that ensures you would get seamless access without any trouble. It features a low battery indicator along with an external power port that can be put to use when there is a complete battery drain. Apart from these, some of its other prominent features are an auto-locking system and a spy code that allows you to use random numbers before or after the pin in the presence of strangers to protect your original PIN.       

Valencia-Hola Smart Door Lock

The Valencia-Hola Smart Door Lock comes furnished with a fingerprint scanner, PIN, RFID card key, and a mechanical key that ensures you won’t ever be stranded outside your home! The smart lock features a total of three alarm indicators that give you holistic security against intruders. Its alarm would go off if someone tries to tamper with the lock or puts in the wrong password. The third alarm will alert you if the battery of the lock is running too low. In case there is complete battery drainage, you can use its USB emergency power supply feature to connect the smart lock with a power bank of 5V. To add to its security, it comes furnished with an Internal Forced Lock function that doesn’t allow the door to be unlocked from the outside (only to be used when all the users are inside the premises). 

IPSA Series 30 Digital Smart Door Lock

The IPSA Series 30 Digital Smart Door Lock supports a door thickness of 38-60mm and offers five ways of unlocking - Bluetooth, fingerprint, password, RFID card, and key. It has a data capacity of 300 for fingerprint scanning, password, and RFID card, ensuring it can be used for both homes and offices. The IPSA Series 30 Digital Smart Door Lock comes equipped with Audit Trails that enable you to manage all the log-in and log-out records. It also has Time-Bound Access controls through you, which you can oversee the duration of a guest user. One of its other noteworthy features is a passage mode that allows the lock to stay open until it is manually closed, making it useful for parties and functions.   

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