Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 13 Jun 2020
Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication
Biometric devices for convenient identity authentication

Far from being a high-tech novelty, biometric authentication has become a vital part of our daily lives. Fingerprint-based authentication is used by several companies and services, and a fingerprint scanner is now found in almost all smartphones and many modern laptops. However, if you’re using older hardware or a desktop PC, you can still make the most of it by getting a separate fingerprint scanner to connect to it. Along with this functionality, some of them offer impressive specifications and features particularly useful for advanced authentication. Here are some great options that are available on Amazon.

Mantra MFS100 v54 OTG with RD Service Fingerprint Scanner (Black)

The Mantra MFS100 comes with plug and play USB 2.0 functionality, which makes it easier to use it with any new device whenever you need to. The model comes with a 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor, which helps in keeping the accuracy of the authentication high enough. In addition to that, the scanner surface has been built to be scratch resistant to increase durability as well. At 14mm by 16mm, the scanner has a very small footprint and can be easily placed on any surface next to your device. The operating temperature range of 0-50 degrees celsius allows it to be used outdoors as well.

Safran Morpho Icons MSO 1300 E3 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with RD Service (Red and Black, 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm)

To enable convenient usage even at a distance from the connected device, the Safran Morpho Icons fingerprint scanner comes with a cord that is one metre long, with a USB connector at the other end. The device also comes with plug and play usability, so no additional software needs to be installed on the connected laptop or phone, for it to be recognised. It comes with a NIST certification to ensure the quality of its performance. The Morpho Icons also comes with a large scanning surface that promises fast high-quality fingerprint capture. In addition to that, there’s also support for the Windows Hello feature to provide biometric login for your Windows 10 device. 

KartString Startek FM220 Fingerprint scanner

The Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner comes with an STQC certification which promises a high-level biometric security experience. The hardware on the device is complemented by Startek’s high performance patented proprietary algorithms, viz., MINEX Certified Template Generator and Matcher Solution. Along with being used with a laptop, the Startek FM220 can also be used with a tablet or a smartphone via micro-USB. The model features a rugged design which aims to resist vibrations and shocks during usage while being quite small and portable. The CMOS sensor on the model promises to scan a fingerprint in about 1/15th of a second, assuring a fast scanning experience.

Secugen Hamster Pro 20 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner (Black)

One of the convenient features that the Secugen Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint scanner comes with is the Auto-On feature. With this feature, the model can automatically start a scan when a finger is placed on the sensor. The Smart Capture functionality helps maintain the Hamster Pro’s performance even for fingers that are dry, moist, aged, scarred, and difficult-to-scan. The glass on the sensor comes with protection against scratches, impacts, corrosion and electrostatic shock. Via a USB OTG cable, it can also be connected to a tablet or a smartphone for mobile usage.

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