Best workstation chairs on Amazon India

By Kajoli Anand | Published on 07 May 2020
Best workstation chairs on Amazon India
Best workstation chairs on Amazon India

Now that the work-from-home culture is becoming the norm, more working professionals are setting up home offices to meet their needs. Apart from ensuring you’ve got a spacious workstation, you must invest in an ergonomic chair. As you may have noticed, office chairs are significantly different from the chairs one gets for the home. This is because these chairs are adjustable and made in a way that supports your back and neck. That’s what makes them ideal for people who must work for long hours on the computer. Regular chairs, on the other hand, can lead to or aggravate cervical spondylosis, which is why they are inappropriate for the home office. Here are some of the best workstation chairs that you can find on Amazon.

AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Chair

If you were always secretly eyeing those uber-comfortable conference room chairs in your office, then why not get one for your home? This chair from AmazonBasics has a high back and cushions covered in bonded leather and PVC. This should ensure that they are quite comfortable. You can adjust the seat’s height as well as the angle of the back by using the levers along the body. The 360-degree swivel should let you access items around you without having to scoot the chair sideways. It has padded armrests to provide extra comfort.

SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs

When you’re continually resting your back against a high-backed chair, you may notice a bit of sweat accumulation. Of course, no one likes that and a great way to avoid it altogether is by getting an ergonomic chair with a mesh back. The SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs offer exactly that, letting your body breathe while you’re sitting on the chair for long hours. One of the things to keep in mind about this chair is that it’s relatively compact, making it ideal for people who may not have a ton of space in their home office. The chair’s height and backrest can be adjusted using levers. The brand claims that the wheels and base of the chair can last for several years.

APEX Chairs Apollo

This chair from APEX combines the benefits of an executive chair with a regular mesh chair. That’s because it has a high back with a padded headrest, while the body itself is made of breathable mesh fabric. The chair also has a range of cushions that are strategically placed to offer lumbar support and neck support, which should ensure those late-night sessions don’t take a toll on your body. As the armrest is made of plastic, it should not trap heat and warm your arms when you rest them for a long time. The chair has a chrome base in order to offer durability, along with nylon casters that shouldn’t get damaged too easily. Finally, you can control the angle of the backrest as well as the height of the chair to suit your body, ensuring you are well-supported while working.

HE HETAL Cobra Chair

When you’re working nonstop, it’s important to stretch and take short breaks to refresh your mind. If you’re not someone who wants to get up and take a walk in the middle of a productive session, make sure that you have a comfortable chair that you can stretch in and relax without feeling stiffness in the body. The HE HETAL Cobra Chair should be able to offer you just that. This high-backed chair has thick padding that’s covered in PVC and should make you feel rested at all times. You can change the height and recline the back to get into your ‘relax mode’ and then set the chair upright again when you’re ready to work. The chair has a 360-degree swivel and a sturdy chrome base. Protection Status