Best tripods to enhance camera quality of mobile phones on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 18 Oct 2021 18:11 IST
Best tripods to enhance camera quality of mobile phones on Amazon India
Best tripods to enhance camera quality of mobile phones on Amazon India

Enhance the pictures and video quality with the help of these tripods ideally made for mobile phones.

Whether you are clicking pictures or filming a video, getting the perfect shot is a must. Lining the shot and getting a high-quality picture or video sometimes gets hard by holding the mobile phone in your hand. This is why having a tripod that holds your phone while filming can provide added stability and dramatically enhance the quality of pictures and videos, especially in low light. So, to help you film a high-quality video and get a perfect shot, here are some of the best tripods for mobile phones available on Amazon.

Digitek DTR 455 LT tripod mobile holder

For clicking the best quality pictures, it is necessary for your phone to stay stable, which is made possible by the stable camera support of this Digitek DTR 455 LT tripod mobile holder. This tripod has a three-way head that helps to change the orientation of the shot from portrait to landscape and shoot from any angle. You can also click panoramic shots with the 360-degree swivel function of the Digitek DTR 455 LT tripod. The sturdy and lightweight design of this tripod makes it possible for you to easily carry it from one place to another. This tripod for mobile phones can accommodate a range of digital, video or still cameras and mobile phones to capture your memories in a professional style.

AmazonBasics tripod for mobile phones

When shooting outdoors, you might need to film on uneven surfaces which may affect the shot if the tripod is not stable. However, you need not worry about this with the AmazonBasics tripod for mobile phones. This tripod has 3 section lever lock legs which allow it to accommodate custom set-ups as the height of all three legs can be individually adjusted. The levers lock the legs securely and make the movement and adjustment easy, which helps to take clear shots.  The three-way head and 360-degree swivel function allow you to take shots from all directions. This tripod has a quick release plate which makes it easier for you to remove your phone from the tripod. Its compact design makes it easy to store and carry. 

Digitek DTR 260 GT Gorilla tripod for mobile phone

This Digitek Gorilla tripod comes with an ABS construction, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This ensures that your tripod is safe and in good condition even after rough usage. This tripod comes with a clasp based lock, which delivers an easy to lock mechanism that allows you to lock your phone at different angles to line a shot perfectly. The clasp lock is secure, and you don’t have to worry about losing the angle in between shots. The rotating sphere head of this tripod allows you to take pictures from your desired angle and allows the comfortable use of devices weighing up to 1 kg. 

Syvo WT 3130 tripod for mobile phone

If you are looking for a tripod that can accommodate heavy devices apart from your mobile phone, this Syvo WT 3130 tripod might just prove to be the right choice for you. This tripod can accommodate devices as heavy as 5 kg (as per the brand’s claims). This tripod gives a padded and secure grip to your cellphone, which prevents it from damage. The adjustable phone holder with a stretch width of 3.4 inches can fit a variety of phones. 

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