Best table-clamp microphone boom arms for podcasting on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 19 Sep 2020
Best table-clamp microphone boom arms for podcasting on Amazon India
Best table-clamp microphone boom arms for podcasting on Amazon India

With podcasting becoming more popular than ever before, the importance of having the right gear for your podcast has become even more evident. Beyond the right microphone and the right editing software, you also need the best accessories and stands for a smooth experience. One such accessory is the table-mounted boom-arm that provides a stable position for your microphone by conveniently attaching to your table while allowing flexibility. Picking the right one can be confusing as there are a lot of options available. To help you, we’ve shortlisted some of the best table-mounted boom arms available on Amazon based on their specifications and features.

Maono AU-B01

The Maono AU-B01 boom arm comes with highly adjustable joints that can be turned by 180 degrees and even 360 degrees in some cases, giving you great flexibility over the mic position. Additionally, each boom arm comes with dual suspension springs, which helps keep the microphone securely in its place without dropping unexpectedly. The scissor arm stand is adjustable and promises to hold the weight of a person weighing 150 pounds, so you can rest assured about heavier mics. You also get a standard microphone clip that has been designed to mount most handheld microphones easily.

Juarez JRZ16MS

Keeping durability in mind, the Juarez JRZ16MS is built with a steel frame and also uses high-quality ABS plastic for the microphone clip. Additionally, the adjustable table clamp can accommodate any thickness within 4.5cm, which makes it flexible enough for most tables and flat edges. With a 270 degree adjustable design that can be folded to vary its height from 16” to 32”, the Juarez stand aims to offer greater customisation in the positioning of your microphone. The model also promises an easy pulling and drawing experience, so that you can adjust your mic to a comfortable position without having to redo the entire setup each time you want to move your mic.

SNAVMIG® Professional

To give its steel build an aesthetic finish, the Snavmig Professional comes with an electrostatic powder coating. This also helps it offer better rust resistance which keeps it in prime condition for longer. The stand weighs 450g which makes it easier to carry. Thanks to the easy foldability provided by the adjustable screws in its build, it is convenient to pack it up and take it along with you to your next recording location. The adjustment screw has ball-ends on the handle to make it easier for you to install it. Additionally, there are sponge pads at the end of the clamps to prevent scratches on your table surface.

blueberry R-031

The blueberry R-031 microphone stand comes with rubberised feet that help reduce the impact of unwanted vibrations on the mic, while also keeping the clamped surface scratch-free. While the joint at the table can be turned in a range of 135 degrees, the second joint for the mic arm can be adjusted up to 180 degrees, giving you a great degree of flexibility over the exact mic position you need for your recording. The mic clamp itself is also adjustable between a ⅜ screw and a ⅝ screw as required by the particular microphone you’re using.

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