Best power strips with fast charging USB ports on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 16 Feb 2022 14:37 IST
Best power strips with fast charging USB ports on Amazon India
Best power strips with fast charging USB ports on Amazon India

Your productivity can take a great hit when your laptop is charging in one room and your smartphone in the other. To eliminate this problem once and for all, you must consider buying a power strip. These devices can charge multiple devices at once and even power a few of your home appliances, helping you get more organised. However, don’t buy any power strip you see on the market! Finalising those models that offer optimum protection against fluctuations, surges, and overheating is recommended. Plus, make sure that the one you purchase comes along with fast charging ports to ensure quick and efficient results! Here are a few good options for power strips on Amazon.

Hoteon Power Strip 

The Hoteon Power Strip offers 4 USB charging ports and 4 outlets, enabling you to power up to 8 devices at once. As it features a high-strength ABS+PC shell, the device is fireproof up to a temperature of 850℃. Thanks to its built-in safeguarding technology, it can protect the connected devices from spikes, fluctuations, overcharge, and short circuits. The Hoteon Power Strip boasts a child safety door to protect your children from any unforeseen accidents. It is powered by intelligent circuitry and voltage sensing, enabling it to detect and respond to any connected device’s needs. Owing to its lightweight design and compact shape, it can easily be carried from one room to another. Its other notable specs are a long cord and an independent on-off switch.  

CROSSVOLT Power Strip 

The CROSSVOLT Power Strip boasts a QC 3.0 port that can deliver faster charging than other regular chargers. All of the outlets have a good grip, preventing any accidental slips and damage. Thanks to its universal power sockets, the power strip can power US, UK, and EU plugs. Its shell is made of fire-resistant PC material, making it safe for longer operations. Its cord uses high-quality PVC copper wires to withstand more current and heat. Every plug on the CROSSVOLT Power Strip has child safety slides to keep any unforeseen accidents at bay. As it has a 2-meter-long cord, you can easily slide it into any corner of your home. In addition to these specifications, it also has auto-ID technology, standard grounding, and a rated voltage of 100V-250V.  

Live Tech Power Strip 

The Live Tech Power Strip has been crafted using fireproof PC material to resist temperatures as high as 850℃. Coming furnished with 4 sockets and 4 USB ports, the power strip can charge a total of 8 devices simultaneously. With a child safety door intact, it keeps your children safe from shocks. It functions on 2500 Watts of power, enabling it to run any appliance and device. This power strip weighs only 450 grams and has dimensions of 31.5 x 18 x 4 (L x W x H) centimetres. The Live Tech Power Strip is available in subtle white colour and can brighten up any corner. Its other unique specs are an ergonomic design and a durable build.      

CROSSVOLT Power Strip with 10 Power Outlets   

The CROSSVOLT Power Strip comes along with 10 AC outlets, 5 USB ports, and a PD charging port, making it an all-in-one solution for your every charging need. Since it has an output of 2500 Watts, it is suitable for every kind of household appliance and smartphone. Featuring a 2-meter-long, heavy-duty power cord, this power strip can ensure a safe power flow. Owing to its universal sockets, the CROSSVOLT Power Strip is compatible with different plugs, including US, EU, and UK plugs. It delivers optimum protection against spikes, fluctuations, and electromagnetic interference, keeping your devices safe. The power strip has a 45°-angled flat plug for easy installation and use. Apart from these features, it also comprises a non-slip mat and child door safety.   

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