Best portable laptop tables with footrest on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 21 Jan 2022 12:20 IST
Best portable laptop tables with footrest on Amazon India
Best portable laptop tables with footrest on Amazon India

When working from home, it is common for you to lie down on a sofa or place your laptop on your lap and recline on a chair, which is bad for your posture and muscular health. To ensure that proper posture is maintained while working, you can opt for a portable laptop table with a footrest to give you a comfortable working experience. The footrest adds to the comfort by allowing proper placement of your feet. You can also carry such tables anywhere with you so that you have your workspace on the go. Read below to know about some of the best portable laptop tables with a footrest available on Amazon.

Table magic steel wood multipurpose laptop table

This Table magic steel wood multipurpose laptop table comes with a large wooden top which gives you a large workspace for a comfortable and convenient working experience. It is designed with rounded corners to ensure safety and is covered with PVC “U” material that protects the table’s edges and is skin-friendly and safe to touch. With an ergonomically designed footrest with circular bumps, your feet get a massage effect that induces relaxation and reduces stress. The footrest also offers comfortable seating and ensures you maintain proper posture. The 5 adjustable heights allow you to set it according to your convenience for maximum comfort while working.

Wow mate multipurpose laptop table

This Wow mate multipurpose laptop table features a cantilever design that allows you to place the tabletop maximum closer to your body when sitting on a sofa or a chair so you can enjoy comfortable working. With different adjustable heights, this table becomes suitable to be used by people of all ages, right from children to adults. It comes with a footrest that ensures a comfortable position while working and energises your feet. It has a foldable design and is not very heavy, which makes it highly portable. You can easily carry this table from one place to another for a workspace on the go. 

Bi3 multipurpose laptop table

The convenient and optimised design of this Bi3 multipurpose laptop table allows you to adjust the tabletop in three different angles according to your preference so that you can work easily on your laptop without straining your back or eyes. Although predominantly used as a laptop table, this table has multiple uses as it can be used for studies, dining, office and other purposes. The footrest that is part of the table’s design energises your feet and gives you a comfortable and relaxed posture while working. You can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop on its tabletop. It has a weight capacity of 10 kg, which makes it a perfect work table for everyday use. The steel part of this table is coated with epoxy coating, which gives long-lasting surface protection that adds years to the table’s life. 

Table magic mat finish multipurpose laptop table

This Table magic mat finish multipurpose laptop table comes with a highly adjustable design that allows you to adjust it at six different levels for a more comfortable experience while working on your laptop. It comes with a mat finish tabletop that not only feels great to touch but also looks pretty attractive. The three angle adjustment allows you to set the tabletop at different angles to suit your needs while working. With the ergonomically designed footrest, your feet get proper support, and you can maintain a good posture while also ensuring less stress and strain on your muscles. 

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