Best monopods for vloggers on Amazon India

By Sudhanshu Singh | Published on 13 May 2020
Best monopods for vloggers on Amazon India
Best monopods for vloggers on Amazon India

A monopod is a camera accessory that is compact, easy-to-carry and does more than half the job of a tripod. Similar to tripods, it is height adjustable and the construction is also often similar. Although a monopod has only one leg to support it, the actual benefit is that it can support larger lenses without being very bulky, which makes it easier to carry it around compared to a tripod. So if you are on a hunt for a good monopod, here are some options you can explore on Amazon.

Benro Adventure 4 Series

This Benro monopod is one of the best in the market as it’s very lightweight but quite sturdy at the same time too. The quality is on the premium side, and so is the price. But what you get in return is good quality aluminium construction and sturdy flip locks. It’s USP is its build quality which gives it better stability and durability. It can be extended up to a 75.2-inch height, which makes it one of the few taller ones in the market. It has a threaded mounting plate that lets you attach a video head or a camera right on to the monopod. It’s only 567g in weight, but it can hold camera equipment up to 18kg, as per the company.

Vanguard VEO AM-264 TR

The Vanguard VEO AM-264 is also one of the premium monopods available in India. Its key highlight is the sturdy build material and stable stand. It can be a go-to choice for professional photographers and videographers alike, as it serves most purposes and it can also bear some stress to last long. It’s compact in size and has 4-section legs along with flip locks which allow you to adjust the height while maintaining stability during shots. It’s very easy to set up and convenient to use.

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod

The Compact Photo monopod from Manfrotto is best suited for those using entry-level DSLRs or point and shoot cameras as it can only hold up to 1.5kg of weight. But it’s lightweight and extremely compact and easy to carry around. It offers extra protection for your camera with a wrist strap and rubber grip to avoid slips and accidents. It is a good monopod to start with for beginners and those who don’t often use larger lenses with their DSLRs. 

CAMTREE Proaim Meebo 3-In-1

The Camtree Proaim Meebo is another lightweight yet sturdy monopod which suits most of the shooting needs. It comes with a 2-stage telescopic structure that lets you adjust it as per your choice of shot. What makes it interesting is that it can also work as a table tripod substitute to double its functionality. It can be stretched up to 5.5ft and it supports weight up to 5kg, which makes it another heavy-duty monopod pros can look out for.

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