Best microSD card readers for Apple iPhones on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 27 Jan 2022 13:50 IST
Best microSD card readers for Apple iPhones on Amazon India
Best microSD card readers for Apple iPhones on Amazon India

If you’re a content creator, then you know the importance of storage space on your smartphone. Investing in an SD card reader for your iPhone is a good bet. With an SD card reader at your side, you can directly access images clicked on your camera or even shift media from your phone to external storage. Many of these card readers also come with additional connectivity options. Here are some of the best SD card readers for Apple iPhones. 

Wayona 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader Four Ports

Here’s a 4-in-1 OTG card reader. It has support for lightning port-based Apple devices, USB-C devices and micro USB devices. You can use this OTG connector to access microSD cards or to even connect a flash drive directly to your Android phone or iPhone. If you’re often on the move, it is ideal for you as it is compact and lightweight.

rts Sd Card Reader for iPhone iPad Camera

If you plan on using your iPad or iPhone with a DSLR camera, an SD card or a micro SD card, this is the pick to go for. It comes with slots for a micro SD card and a full-sized SD card. With this, you can plug in your camera’s memory card straight into your Apple iPhone and can transfer files on the go. You can also browse through clicked pictures, edit them on the go, and make the most out of the SD card reader. 

Synqe 4 in 1 DSLR Camera Memory Card Reader

Plug in this 4-in-1 DSLR camera memory card into your smartphone and forget about storage woes. IF your phone has 64GB of internal memory, it can be quite limiting, and you need to upgrade it. You can use an external SD card or micro SD card to expand your storage options. The external SD cards can act as a memory for storing files, apps, games and other content. This reader can also be used to access files stored on external storage devices.

Elite 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader Four Ports

With a combination of USB-A as well as TF SD card reader, it is quite a versatile device. IT can connect to external OTG devices, pen drives, and more. It’s a great accessory if you often need to pair external storage options to your smartphone. The TF card reader is fast, while the USB-A port can be used to connect flash drives. 

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