Best laptop docking stations on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 25 Mar 2021
Best laptop docking stations on Amazon India
Best laptop docking stations on Amazon India

With every passing day, laptops are getting thinner and lighter. But to achieve that manufacturers are cutting down on ports to ensure the least thickness possible. As a result, people lose out on the connectivity that a laptop can offer. The solution to this problem is simple – you can buy a docking station. However, without any knowledge or proper research, you might end up with something that is not good at all. So, to help you out, given below is a list of some attention-worthy docking stations available on Amazon. Note that these products have been curated based on their listed features.

HyperDrive GEN2

If you are looking for a new-age laptop docking station, then the HyperDrive GEN2 should do the business for you. It delivers high-speed connectivity for the transfer of files and video response speed. As per company claims, you can expect 3x memory card speed, 2x USB speed, 2x video response speed and 2x power delivery than the Gen 1 docking station. It has 6 ports - 4K HDMI, 3.2 USB, 3.5mm audio jack, USB-C, microSD and UHS-II SD. As a result, you should be able to make an efficient work station with laptops, MacBooks, tablets, and more and control each one of them as a single unit with ease. 

MagBac DS-P01S

Here is a laptop docking station from Magbac that enables you to connect 11 different devices at the same time. The wide compatibility of this hub enables you to create a massive online work station, in which you connect a desktop, laptop, tablet, printer, keyboard, mouse, HDMI devices, microSD, earphones and more. Moreover, you can connect your latest laptops as well, as it has USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports as well. It can charge your device at fast speeds with a 100W USB C port. Also, it supports the advanced heat dissipation technology to ensure that the hub does not get affected by overheating. You can even watch 4K content at a 30Hz refresh rate by connecting a compatible HDMI cable. It has a lightweight body that weighs just 150g, making it easy to carry around when you want. 


If you are looking for a sleek laptop docking station, then this model from HP should do the trick for you. However, the slim design does not stop this gadget from giving you multiple ports to connect devices. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports (including 1 charging port), 1 RJ-45 jack, 2 Display ports, 1 VGA port, 1 line-in jack and 1 line-out jack. Hence, you can connect large monitor displays, laptops, printers, USB devices with high-speed connectivity and more. All this should make it ideal for creating a workstation at your house, especially if you work from home. The sleek body of the station should not take up a lot of space, making it perfect for workstations with less space.

Wavlink 39DK1

Here is a laptop docking station from Wavlink that has six USB ports, enabling you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and use them together. It has two USB 3.0 ports for you to connect laptop or tablet and the HDMI ports to connect additional monitors. The HDMI and DVI port can read 4K content at a 60Hz refresh rate, which should enable you to render high-quality videos for your editing works. It also has four USB 2.0 ports for connecting keyboards, mouse and other such gadgets. This docking station also has an Ethernet port that can support internet speeds up to 1000mbps. So, if you are working from home, and want to connect multiple desktops, a Wi-Fi router and other accessories, then this station should help you. Moreover, this has an inbuilt surge-protection system that keeps the connected devices safe from voltage fluctuations or current and overheating.

Tobo USB C Hub Docking Station

The Tobo USB C Hub Docking Station is an 11-in-1 docking station that consists of USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, thunderbolt port, stereo port, microSD, PD USB and more. This universal docking station should make your life easier if you are to connect multiple devices at the same time and create a big workstation. It has a slim design body that can manage heat dissipation, which should keep the connected devices safe from overheating, as per company claims. The angled design of the dock enables you to place the laptop on top of it at an angled elevation. This not only enables you to use the laptop easily but also allows you to create a clutter-free docking station where the cables are not visible on the front.


This laptop docking station sports 5 different ports that include three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI video port and one 100W USB C port. The latter enables you to charge devices like laptops and big monitors in quick time. You can watch 4K UHD videos on your big monitor when played through your laptop or tablet by connecting the USB type C to a 4K HDMI video output cable. It runs on a powerful chipset that provides protections from short-circuit and high temperature. It uses the automatic current matching technology to dish out reliable performances, as per company claims. It supports 100W fast charging, enabling you to charge your devices in a jiffy. Finally, in terms of transfer speeds, you can enjoy 5GBps speeds when using the USB 3.0 port.

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