Best helmet chin mounts for action cameras on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 24 Jan 2022 12:23 IST
Best helmet chin mounts for action cameras on Amazon India
Best helmet chin mounts for action cameras on Amazon India

If you love to capture adventurous road trips or plan to become a moto vlogger, this article might come in handy. While it is important to own a premium camera, it is equally essential to have a stable mount that can safely fix your camera on the helmet. We have curated a list of some of the best mounts that can do the job without corrupting the helmet’s structural integrity.

HIFFIN Helmet Chin Strap

This helmet chin strap can help you securely place your GoPro while you capture your road trip and unforgettable moments. This universal mount can be placed on various motorcycle helmets and ensure your helmet doesn’t fall off or slip while riding. Its non-slip shock absorption feature enables stable-shooting as it filters small vibrations so that the videos aren’t too shaky. It can be used with Vega, Studds, Royal Enfield and various other helmets available in the market and is an ideal fit for Bell qualifier and other curved chin helmets (as claimed by the makers). The helmet chin strap is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including GoPro Hero 9/8/7/6/5/4/3+, DJI OSMO ACTION, SJCJAM, EKEN, YI, and other action cameras.

Yantralay Telesin Helmet Chin Strap

If you are a moto vlogger or simply love to record your biking adventures, then this helmet chin strap can prove to be a great companion! It firmly secures the camera in place and prevents it from slipping and falling off. This also helps in ensuring that the footage is stable so that you can enjoy the video in all its glory when you rewatch it. This universal strap is compatible with most motorcycle helmets available in the markets these days, including (but not limited to) Steelbird, Studds, LS2 helmets, bell qualifier and other curved chin/full-face helmets. It is lightweight and is strongly engineered to handle daily wear and tears with minimal damage as you explore new terrains and regions! It weighs approximately 35g and is made of ABS plastic and polyester fabric. 

AdofysMotorcycle Helmet Mount

Here’s yet another helmet mount you can invest in if you want to record high quality, stable videos without damaging your camera. It is made of premium plastic and silicone, which ensure stability and durability. The mount can be fastened using the strap, which lets you tighten or loosen the strap depending on your helmet. It is quite easy to use, install, or remove as it features a J hook base that can connect with various accessories without any issues. The silicone base can fit firmly over the helmet surface and provide a stable surface to the camera and secure it in place so that you can get vibration-free videos with a great view. It can hold various cameras like GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5/4/3+, DJI OSMO Action, SJCJAM, Eken, etc.


Before we conclude the list, here’s yet another helmet mount that uses a chin strap to securely mount the camera on your helmet without compromising its safety and the view. Its non-slip, shock absorption feature makes sure the camera doesn’t fall off while you ride on bumpy roads or rough terrains and also absorbs minor shocks so that the camera can record stable videos and filter out small vibrations. The in-built J hook can be used for easy and quick mounting without anyone’s help. It can be mounted on several kinds of helmets like Vega, Steelbird, Studds, MT Helmets, LS2 Helmets, Royal Enfield Helmets, etc. It can prove to be a great investment for riders who love to record their road trips and want a durable mount to fix the camera on their helmets. 

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