Best hand grip strengtheners to tone your forearms on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 25 Nov 2021 15:51 IST
Best hand grip strengtheners to tone your forearms on Amazon India
Best hand grip strengtheners to tone your forearms on Amazon India

Strengthen your grip strength and forearms with the help of these hand strengtheners that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Often while working out, we focus on almost all of the major muscles in our body but tend to ignore the small yet important bits like our forearms. Having good hand muscle strength will give you a stronger grip which will not only help in enhancing your performance in day to day activities by improving endurance and dexterity but will also help in cases of wrist pain or post-surgical rehabilitation. Good grip strength also helps to improve sports performance and is highly beneficial to people of certain professions like musicians, masseurs, rock climbers, writers, athletes, and many more. You can easily achieve good grip strength by exercising regularly with a hand grip strengthener and here are a few great options that you can pick from. 

AmazonBasics adjustable hand grip strengthener

This AmazonBasics adjustable hand grip strengthener can be efficiently used for strengthening the muscles of your fingers, wrist and forearms. The ABS plastic and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) give it a durable design that enables frequent and long-lasting use. With adjustable resistance, you get to change the resistance according to your strength and raise the difficulty level to progress your grip strengthening exercises. The non-slip rubber grip prevents the strengthener from slipping from your hand while exercising and gives you a firm grip. It can also be used to help improve your sports performance, speed recovery from injury or just be used for relieving stress.

AURION HANDGRIP1040 adjustable hand grip strengthener

The handgrip strengthener from Aurion comes with an ergonomic design that can fit all hand sizes and makes this strengthener ideal for men, women and people of all age groups. With an adjustable resistance from 10 to 40 kg, you can use it for light as well as heavy resistance exercises and will help you increase your difficulty level as you progress. The non-slip surface allows you a sturdy grip so that you can perform your grip exercises with efficiency and improve your grip strength. The eco-friendly TPR high elastic handle, allows a comfortable hold of the strengthener to make your exercise experience convenient and comfortable. The high strength alloy spring makes the device more durable and enables a long time use. The easy turn dial and resistance level indicator allows you easy use of the equipment. 

Bodylastics hand grip strengthener set

The Bodylastics hand grip strengthener set comes with a convenient carry bag that allows you to easily carry the entire set with you in a single bag and provides you the ease of storage without occupying much space. The set includes a handgrip strengthener, finger exerciser, three-finger stretcher resistance bands, and one grip-enhancing ring. Together the entire set can be used to strengthen your hand, fingers, forearm and wrist to give you a stronger grip. With adjustable resistance, this grip strengthening set can be used for rehabilitation in the cases of wrist and hand pain in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. The different strengthening tools in one set, allow you to focus on different muscle groups to provide you with a complete strengthening exercise. 

StapX Hand Grip Strengthener 

StapX Hand Grip Strengthener has a compact and portable design. With premium aluminium handles and a high-quality spring, you get a comfortable and safe exercising experience. Users can set the grip resistance between 10 and 60 Kgs and will also benefit from the automatic counter that can intelligently count your exercise repetitions or the number of times you flex it. This high-quality construction also makes the product durable and ensures long-lasting use. The easy to use, convenient yet efficient design makes this hand grip strengthening ideal for musicians, rock climbers, masseurs, or anyone who wants to increase their grip strength and endurance. 

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