Best hack and slash titles for the PS 5 on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 10 Mar 2022 15:04 IST
Best hack and slash titles for the PS 5 on Amazon India
Best hack and slash titles for the PS 5 on Amazon India

Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the most technically advanced gaming consoles available right now and comes with an array of games of various genres. Hack and Slash is one of the most fun and engaging gaming genres, and while any fixed boundaries do not define it, many games fall into this category. Each of these has one thing in common – they feature melee combat, fast-paced action and a focus on the player’s intrinsic skill level. Hack and Slash games bring a variety of fun gameplay mechanics and provide a good world and story setting to explore. Here are some of the best Hack and Slash titles for the PS5. 

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

The latest in the long-running franchise, Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 takes everything good from the previous games and ramps it up to 11. The game offers an impressive visual style and a distinct combat feel. The combat itself is deep and engaging - it ranges from simple button combos to more complex, high damage dealing special moves. Not just that, the player can take control of any one of the three main protagonists. The Special Edition of the game also includes a playable Vergil mode, the main antagonist of the previous games. Apart from that, the game is tuned to work well with the PS5 and take advantage of high-end internals. 

Nier: Automata - Game of the Yorha Edition

The world of Nier: Automata tells a story unlike any other – the world has been rid of humans and lies in the protective hands of Androids, sent to eliminate the threats that lurk on Earth. Through their journey into this apocalyptic world, the Androids realise the truth about the humans and gain consciousness of their own. The game has a deep combat system, aided by in-battle companions and memory chips that you can install on your player. The game has 26 endings in all, making for lots of replayability.  

Demon's Souls

Looking for a challenge? This is the game for you – it brings a dark and gritty world with a demonic overtone and highly challenging foes. The enemy design in the game is vast and varied – and you’re going to have fun (and agitation) taking on these foes for the first time. The goal is to improve as a Soul hunter, which is no easy feat. The game’s RPG-like elements and complex combat mechanics have been greatly lauded. It is a game that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s impressive SSD and controller features. All in all, this is a game only for hardcore enthusiasts, not meant for the faint of heart. 

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

A game set in the medieval era, Dynasty Warriors 8 is a prime example of hack and slash games. Players are tasked with defeating armies upon armies of soldiers from various dynasties to further their own developments. The story has a deeply political overtone and should appeal to a more mature audience. The game’s combat systems are good enough to lend the player a sense of completion and being more powerful than the foes they face. While the game was released on the PS4, it can be played via backwards compatibility on the PS5 and take advantage of fast loading times.

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