Best GPS devices for your car and bike on Amazon India

By Subhrojit Mallick | Published on 14 May 2020
Best GPS devices for your car and bike on Amazon India
Best GPS devices for your car and bike on Amazon India

Knowing where your car and bike is can help alleviate the fear of losing your precious vehicle. Furthermore, if you rent out cars and bikes for others to use, it’s important to install a GPS tracker to know where the vehicle is located with pinpoint accuracy. These GPS trackers for cars and bikes do exactly that. 

LAMROD Supreme Car/Bike Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker

The LAMROD Supreme GPS Tracker works with both cars and bikes and lets you track vehicles on Google Map, alerts when it is overspeeding, allows geofencing and offers a lifetime subscription to SMS services. The tracker is affordable and works with all kinds of vehicles. It requires a SIM card and also syncs with a smartphone app. 

Acumen Track OBD -II Plug and Play Wireless GPS Tracker

The Acumen OBD GPS Tracker requires no wires and is plug-and-play. It works only with cars though and provides the real-time pinpoint location. You can get access to 60 days of historical data along with geofencing support. The device requires a SIM card with at least 500MB data monthly and 200 free SMS. 

Akari GPS Tracker

The Akari GPS Tracker lets you track your car or bike from your smartphone or your laptop. It works with all kinds of vehicles and shows you historical data like total KMs, route details, etc., on Google Maps. The tracker requires a SIM card with an active internet connection and SMS services. 

DoPro Waterproof Mini Anti-Theft All-Vehicle GPS Tracker

The DoPro Mini GPS Tracker is water-proof and supports all kinds of vehicles. It supports Quad Band GPS tracking with up to 10-meter accuracy. It provides text message alerts for movement, speeding, geo-fencing, as well as historical data. The tracker comes with a 150mAh battery inside for backup and requires just one second to start working, according to the company.

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