Best fighting games for Xbox Series X on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 16 Feb 2022 17:29 IST
Best fighting games for Xbox Series X on Amazon India
Best fighting games for Xbox Series X on Amazon India

Games often let us live out certain fantasies that are unimaginable in the real world. This can range from adventure to action, and fighting games are a good example of the “fantasy” aspect of games. Fighting games let you employ various tactics to take down your opponent in close quarters combat. Such games always offer couch multiplayer modes, and if you’ve got a bunch of friends over and an Xbox Series X console, everyone can enjoy these games. Here are some of the best fighting games for the Xbox Series X. 

Mortal Kombat 11

One of the most popular fighting games; it is all about brutal combat. Players can pick from many new and returning fighters, each with their deadly arsenal of abilities. You can pick from swordsmen, magical gods, undead, and many more. The abilities are designed to draw your opponent’s health down. You can use a variety of combos and counters in ways that best suit you. The game offers flexibility in terms of what players can do, making it accessible to new players but hard to master. There are many great environments to pick from as well. 

Killer Instinct - Definitive Edition

The Definitive Edition for this game includes 26 fighters to choose from and 20 arenas. Each of the 26 fighters has unique abilities, which take time to master. The basic combos can be quite simple, but the deadly combos are the ones that do real damage- and they are tough to master. However, the game is accessible to all, and for multiplayer sessions, it is a good pick that involves everyone. It has a distinct gameplay style, and the goal is to land as many hits to your opponent as possible.

Soul Calibur VI

Looking for something set in a fantasy realm, with magical characters and abilities? This is the one to opt for. The game has a unique style that makes it stand out from other fighting games. The mechanics are unique and fresh, keeping gameplay exciting at every turn. There are many characters from other universes, such as Geralt of Rivia and a few others. The aim is to dominate your foes with abilities and hand to hand combat moves. Incidentally, it makes use of a 3D fight space that allows for dodging and rolling around your opponent. 

Tekken 7

Fast-paced action and impactful combat are what this game is known for. Tekken 7 is known for its highly complex yet simple to understand mechanics, which keep the discovery of new combos a great stepping stone. Chain basic combos and land multiple blows without taking damage to charge up your meter, which lets you unleash an ultimate attack. Each character has different moves and combos to unlock, making for refreshing gameplay every time you play. There are many fighters to pick from, and the game makes use of a 3D space that lets you position yourself and gain the upper hand. 

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