Best electric massage cushions for relief in neck and back pain on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 24 Nov 2021 19:11 IST
Best electric massage cushions for relief in neck and back pain on Amazon India
Best electric massage cushions for relief in neck and back pain on Amazon India

Get rid of the annoying neck and back pain by using these electric massage cushions which are ideally designed to relieve neck and back pain.

The muscles of your neck and back are the areas that take the maximum stress through the day and are most affected due to bad posture, which often leads to pain and stiffness in these regions which restrict your movements. This is where an electric cushion massager comes into play. Having an electric cushion massager allows you to have a stimulating and relaxing massage that will relieve the stress from your neck and back muscles and give you relief from pain. Below you can read about some of the best electric massage cushions available on Amazon which you can buy to give yourself relief from neck and back pain.

Dr. Physio USA Shiatsu cushion NECWZ_IGH00059

When looking for a quick solution to relieve your neck and back pain, you cannot go wrong with this cushion as it uses the acupressure massage technique to provide you instant relief from pain and releases muscle tension. This massage cushion is specially designed to deliver natural Shiatsu acupressure massage at a press of a button. By using advanced infrared technology, this cushion provides soothing heat to your neck and back muscles which helps in improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and relieving pain and stress. This cushion has four rotating massage heads that produce a deep kneading effect by stimulating the acupressure points without hurting your skin.

GHK 88 Shiatsu Back kneading massager

This apple-shaped GHK 88 Shiatsu Back kneading massager is designed to help you get rid of your neck and back pain by relaxing your muscles and relieving stress. This massager is not only limited to relieving your neck and back pain but also can be used on other body parts like shoulders and calves. This kneading massager is convenient and easy to use and you can operate it with a single on and off button which provides ease of operation. This massager can be easily placed on a long chair to give a thorough and relaxing massage to your back. This kneading massager can be connected to a car charger which makes it easy to use both in the car and at home.

Kosmocare corded electric back massager

With 12 exclusively designed  3D massage bulges, this Kosmocare corded electric back massager makes for your personalised masseur by offering you a real massage therapy experience by massaging the tightness and knots in your muscles and inducing a relaxing effect. This back massager uses Thai step kneading which releases tension from your muscles by stretching and mobilising your muscle fibres and improves the muscle flexibility, which results in increased range of movement and reduction in pain. The unique S-track design runs from the top to the bottom of the cushion and provides relief to the entire back, starting from the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and down to the lower back.

WIVZI electronic neck cushion

This WIVZI electronic neck cushion comes with a breathable mesh design which helps to dissipate the accumulated heat and evenly transfers the heat to your body parts for inducing a relaxing effect while giving a thorough massage to your body. The four deep massage nodes and clockwise and anticlockwise kneading rotation provides a perfectly effective massage and relieves the stress in your muscles. This neck cushion is equipped with an overheat protection mechanism that shuts the motor off if the massage cushion passes the working temperature limit. This is a necessary feature for both maintaining the safety of the user and preventing damage to the cushion. The high-quality elastic band and one switch control make this cushion easy and convenient to use. 

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